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Types of Business Ownership, Aims and Objectives.

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´╗┐Franchise ? This type of business is when an individual wants to have a well-recognised name as their business name so they have to pay the franchiser royalties for them to allow them to use the name. In-exchange the franchiser provides: promotion, premises, equipment and usually you are able to buy all the stock from the franchiser. The advantage to the franchiser is that they are able to expand and make their brand awareness more than it is and the advantage to the franchisee the advantage is that they are able to have well-known brand name which customers recognise and trust, the franchisee receives all the benefits of being a big co-operation and not have to wait that long. Public Sector (PLC) ? These are the big co-operation that people are allowed to buy shares into the company. A company in the Public Sector is usually a well-known company and it operates to generate a profit. The advantage to this type of company is that the public are allowed to but shares into these companies on the stock exchange, when a company starts selling shares it gets an instant investment and is able to expand and make their company even bigger disadvantage is that the company itself cannot make dictions without consulting the shareholder. ...read more.


An advantage to this type of business is that it had limited liability so that means that the personal possessions are not at risk if the business was to go bankrupt. A disadvantage is that the company cannot sell shares on the stock exchange which could hinder the expansion and growth. Public LTD Company (PLC) ? This type of business is when they sell shares to the public on the stock exchange. They operate to make a profit and usually are big well-known co-operations. An advantage of this type of organisation is that it is able to expand due to being able to sell shares on the stock exchange. A disadvantage is that the company lose shares and have to consult the shareholders before making decisions. Government Agency ? These are the different departments in the government that look into the aspect of the business to see if the business is abiding by the laws and is not breaking any environmental laws. An advantage of this is that the consumer knows its health safety regulated and is safe to use. A disadvantage is that for these services the consumer has to pay a fee (VAT). Government Department ? These are the organisations in the public sector which operate for the benefit of the public such as: NHS and MI5. ...read more.


An advantage of this type of organisation is that it is able to expand due to being able to sell shares on the stock exchange. A disadvantage is that the company lose shares and have to consult the shareholders before making decisions. MISSION STATEMENT ? At Tesco?s we will deliver an ever improving quality shopping experience for our customers with great products at fair prices. We will exceed customer?s expectation for healthy safe fresh and tasty food making their lives easier every day. AIMS ? The strategy that Sainsbury?s uses are based on five areas of focus. These areas are underpinned by Sainsbury?s strong heritage and brand which constantly set it apart from out major competitors. Objectives * Good quality food at competitive prices * Expanding on non-food ranges and services * Reaching more customers through other services available * More Supermarkets * Property management Washwood Heath Academy The type of ownership of Washwood Heath Academy is the government. The school does not aim to make a profit but to provide a service to the public financed by the government. MISSION STATEMENT - The Washwood Heath Academy is a college where we all strive to achieve academic distinction and personal growth. AIMS ? The aim of the college is to provide a good education with career and university prospects Objectives ? * Improve OFSTED ratings * Improve Exam Results * Improve Attendance * Provide the best education for students * Improve Safe Guarding ...read more.

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