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Understand how to improve your own performance at work.

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Outcome 1: Understand how to improve own performance 1.1 Explain the purpose and benefits of continuously improving performance at work. The purpose of constantly improving my own performance at work is to secure my job and prove to everyone around me that I am capable of more responsibilities. It is also to look towards the prospect of being promoted within the company. Benefits of this are of course promotion, the potential of getting bonuses and pay rises should the employer think it is adequate. It also means that more experience can be gained in the job role, that may be useful in other future job roles. ...read more.


text written in a particular font/size) and it is not being carried out this way, it would be extremely beneficial to know what you need improve on to ensure that everyone is always working to the best of their ability. 1.3 Explain how learning and development can improve own work, benefit organisations, and identify career options. Learning and development can prove your own work as it brings new skills to light and should give the employee a better understanding of the job they are doing. Through picking up new skills, an employee could realise that they are now able to do a job they previously felt under-qualified for, thus identifying new career options. ...read more.


Also there are the opportunities to move on to other companies and take on a more senior admin role there and progress through their business. Furthermore, there is also the idea of creating a business yourself in which you can be self-employed. 1.5 Describe possible development opportunities. Development opportunities within the company come in the form of training and taking part in learning for qualifications. These can be done through apprenticeships, on the job training and enrolling on different adult education courses to develop oneself. In Artis Training Solutions, the current staff usually get signed up to courses such as "NEBOSH" to help develop their job roles also. Unit 202: Improve own performance in a business environment. By Jessica Louise Dixon ...read more.

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