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Unit 10: An Introduction to Marketing Research

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Unit 10: An Introduction to Marketing Research Criteria P1: Describe the main types of marketing research and how they been used to make a marketing decision in the following situation. You have been asked to research the viability of developing a new garden centre in your neighbourhood on a piece of suitable land that has recently become available. You will need to describe the main types of marketing research and how they have been used to come to a decision as to whether the development of the garden centre should go ahead (or not). The nearest competitor is a branch of Wye Vale garden centres which is only a mile away. There are many ways of finding out what people in this area would think of a garden centre. So you need to put up leaflets on what they feel about having a local garden centre in their area on newsagents post display. So casual walkers that pass bye may stop and look at what the note has to say. Would this affect people who feel that all this building work would have an affect on the local wildlife population and also the amount of people that would want to walk through the woods but can't as it is having Building work done? ...read more.


This may vary between things that are being sold regularly to things which are being sold every now and then. Also to increase our sales we could go online as that will cover a larger area than just at the store it will give us a wider range of people to order this will be getting more profit for the business. But we need to find some delivery service to deliver the goods to the customers we also will have to have a variety of van and even lorry sizes to cope with the different order and sizes of products being ordered by customers. We could also use a system to track customers online to see what they buy and what they don't buy. Also this could tell us if they are regular customers online and whether they are just browsers for the first time. This will also help any one who needs a new lawnmower but they are doing too much things to go into the store and buy one so they just go online and order one. This wills have the customer more free time to do more important things. Now we have discussed what we will do to put our point across. ...read more.


Sales Personnel This is something I didn't do as I felt it was a waste of time as some people will want to get going on what they have to do in the store. But this may be a mistake as this could have helped us in gathering data for the garden centre project. In the end of the results we have taken from all the research we have done for this project of building a garden centre in the area. It has proven not to well as most of the letters are complaining that they would rather not have a garden centre their as they feel that it is a spoil to the forest and it may damage the surrounds of the area and it could cause problems for the wildlife that surrounds the area. also with all this loud banging and crashing from the work men building this garden centre is that it could cause of the wildlife to run away to safer location as well as all of the possible fumes that could damage the health of the wildlife a lot of the letter that were sent back were full of problems that this building will cause and a lot of people will miss there walk in the woods ?? ?? ?? ?? Name: Max Hunwick Teacher: Peter Hoggins BTEC National in Business Max Hunwick ...read more.

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