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Unit 11 M2 Analyse the effectiveness of methods used to retain customers in Tescos

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________________ M2- Analyse the effectiveness of methods used to retain customers in a selected organisation Introduction:- In this report I will analyse the effectiveness of methods used to retain customer in Tesco PLC The total product concept need to be offered to retain customers, Tesco will have to offer the four 4p?s (price, place, promotional, and products) effectively before they can attract the customers, and to retain them they will have to achieve the 3p?s effectively (people, physical evidence and processes), due to them not achieving this they have not retained customers The components of pre-transactional customer service include, a parking space, the different parking spaces such as family, disabled and normal parking spaces, trolley stands are the pre-transactional customer service components that would lead to a customer in being lured into purchasing products, this is because they are convenient and have all the elements that would lead to a customer having a good visit, in store signs ?happy to help? staff help customers to find things. People are the key components of pre transactional customer service The transactional components that would lead to a customer to purchase is self-checkouts as ...read more.


People are the key components to post transactional customer service The methods that Tesco PLC seem to focus on most to retain include clubcard memberships, discounts, promotional offers and the use of the internet in relationship management e.g. personalised recommendations, emails. Club memberships: Tesco PLC uses the clubcard in order to retain customers, the way that they use the clubcard to retain customers is through the following, they use the information that they have collected i.e. the buying habits of their customers are used to retain the customers. They get the information through the following, Tesco PLC clubcard members scan their clubcard when the buy products from Tesco in order to get clubcard points, the information about the products that have been bought get sent to the database telling the organisation about the regular shopping trends of that customer, Tesco PLC are then able to use that information to target the customer personally, e.g. with personnel promotional offers, offers that they won?t regularly see on television Discounts, promotional offers: Tesco PLC uses discounts and promotional offers in order to attract customers, they do regular offers such as ?buy one get one free?, two for the price of three? etc. ...read more.


This is according to the qualities of supermarket that consumer value survey According to the which? Survey the 3 main things that customer look for when buying from Tesco PLC or any other supermarket is their customer service, pricing and store environment. And as we all know by now Tesco PLC in 2013 was rated the worst supermarket by which? Tesco have started to invest into those three vital categories mainly due to their loss in customers confidence an also market share. We know that the three categories that have been stated are the most important this is because Aldi/ Lidl are doing the same and better in some of those categories compared to Tesco and they had been rated second and third best supermarket in 2013 by which? Conclusion: In this report I have analyse the effectiveness of methods used to retain customer in Tesco PLC, I also explained the main techniques that Tesco PLC used to retain their customer i.e. clubcard membership, discount, promotional offers, and the use of the internet in relationship management e.g. personalised recommendations, emails ...read more.

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