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unit 12.2 tesco aims

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Tesco specific aims and objectives 'Responding to customer trends such as healthy eating, organics and fair-trade' Tesco has made a three-year partnership with the National Sports Foundation and the Football Association, to get the kids healthier by encouraging them to lead a healthy active lifestyle. "We aim to get a million children active and involved by 2010, providing them with top-quality skills coaching." this shows that Tesco is company that cares for the younger generation and wants to help them lead a active style by proving them with top quality activities which will enhance there health. Tesco is gaining a good corporate image as it shows it cares for people's health which will lead to more people wanting to shop at Tesco, as the consumers will see the company as a company who cares about children's health as there has been huge concern in the UK of obesity of children, this will result in increase in turnover. Tesco have launched an event all across schools in UK ad Ireland to make it simpler and more attractive to lead an active lifestyle. 'children are invited to take part in the event, which is held simultaneously in schools across the UK and Ireland, as a fun exercise and to encourage them to think more about healthy eating and the importance of physical activity as part of a balanced lifestyle.' ...read more.


By Tesco providing carbon reduction labels on various products will show customers how they can improve the environment by purchasing these products with carbon reduction label on them as these products were produced using very little amount of carbon footprints. By providing the consumers with this type of information will enable them to make green choices and will know that they are benefitting the environment. As the world trends are changing by there being many people who are trying to reduce there carbon footprints as there have been numerous campaigns across the world to encourage people to reduce there carbon footprints so many customers may want to purchase products that are environmentally friendly. 'Treating our staff as we like to be treated so they do a great job for customers' Tesco encourage there employees to provide a friendly service which the company depends upon "Our employees deliver the customer service that our business relies upon, from making sure the right products are on the shelves to providing a friendly face at the checkout." Tesco considers its employees as a very valuable asset to the company as Tesco relies on its employees to make the customers happy by providing them with a excellent service that will make the customers want to continuously come back to shop in Tesco. ...read more.


Also to save energy Tesco announced that they are trying to save energy in numerous ways "In South Korea and Thailand, we are using ice thermal storage, and creating biogas from recycled waste" this shows that Tesco has gone through various lengths to save energy and shows the consumer that they care about the environment and its communities an to show that it also cares about the consumers and the planet they live in. Also in china Tesco announced that they will reduce power consumption by installing a certain system on all there refrigeration's in all of Tesco's current stores. "In China, we are installing energy management systems on the refrigeration in all of our existing stores this year, which will reduce the power consumption of these systems by 15%. Next year, we will expand this to include the air-conditioning." This shows Tesco is looking to reduce even further so they do waste excess energy which is not needed as it will have a negative effect on the environment and shows what a difference it will make in the coming year, this also shows the consumers that Tesco the grocery and general merchandising retail chain is a environmentally friendly company that not only thinks of the present but the future too of how to reduce there carbon footprints even further. ...read more.

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