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Unit 13 Applied Business

Extracts from this document...


1. Introduction "Occurrence happening at a determinable time and place, with or without the participation of human agents. It may be a part of a chain of occurrences as an effect of a preceding occurrence and as the cause of a succeeding occurrence." - www.businessdictionary.com The description of an event is an occurrence that can happen just once, or more frequently. The event can be subjected to only invite guests, or can be open to the public to come freely. Events have a start and finishing time, and businesses can hold them to attract customers, or keep shareholders and their staff happy. The choice of an event is a crucial decision as making the wrong choice could be detrimental in trying to earn money. In addition, if the choice is poor it can create a bad impression on a business to its shareholders, employees and customers. The event we will be running is: 'The Meridian Christmas Fair'. The day will include a number of businesses offering their products to the public on a stall of a set size (6ft-2.5ft), charging �15 a stall and �25 for two. Anybody from the public is allowed entry to the event, at any time during the day (Sunday 12th December 2010). The event is to have a fun day picking out last minute Christmas presents and enjoy the seasonal atmosphere. We plan to create this seasonal atmosphere by having traditional characteristics like Santa's Grotto, Christmas songs, decorations and many more effects to get people in the 'Christmas spirit'. We will have a Santa impersonator who will provide the distinctive feature of children's idea of Christmas and have the chance to take a photograph with him too. A raffle will also be taking place throughout the day, which we will also advertise before the event in order to raise money and give the customers a chance to win some of the donated gifts that the stallholders have donated. ...read more.


A number of plates and cups were ordered from this website and were expected to be delivered a number of days in advance to the event. However, we realised we had not ordered a tablecloth, and purchased that the day before the event when we purchased the refreshments. 11. Working Practices In order for the planning process of an event to run smoothly, a number of procedures will be required. These systems and procedures are known as working practices for example, 'the way the job is done'. Working practices must be designed and agreed for them to be effective. They also must be established fairly early on in the planning process as they are designed to encourage effective communication, problem solving, reporting and the handling of finance. Once they are created it is essential that all organisers and those involved with the planning for the event use them. Working practice constraints include booking methods, recording data, meetings and communication. * Booking methods A number of bookings have to be made and therefore booking forms are necessary for the recordings of all these to be done. We used a standard format spreadsheet to record all bookings with stallholders. This meant that all businesses that were contracted were placed in a spreadsheet, and all those that requested a reservation were then moved onto another spreadsheet with their individual data on it, such as the business name, nature of the stall, contact details and also whether they had paid or not. This created a structured over view of all bookings made by the stallholders and organised this information to keep us up to fate with the planning of the event. The spreadsheet can be found in Appendix 17. * Recording Data Working practices will have to be established for the gathering and recording of important data. These include: - FINANCIAL TRANSACTIONS It is essential that purchases are made in order to make the Christmas Fair successful, or even able to run. ...read more.


They also give out a lot of important or required information. This was achieved with the Christmas Fair as around 17 people were used to supervise and help all stallholders and visitors with their needs. A leaflet was produced and handed to visitors upon entry in order to help them find their way around the event and to give them some potential required information. A number of organisers and team members walked around the venue in order to cater to anyone's needs as soon as possible. Also, a stall layout was produced for stallholders to find their stall and others as well. * Fire Close attention must be paid to the likeliness or threat of a fire. Whenever a crowd or group of people is put together in a confined space, suitable fire exits must be shown and easily accessed. In many cases, if the event is held indoors, a fire plan is already made out and fire exits are labeled. It is important to make sure suitable fire fighting equipment is available and some members of the team are aware of how to use it. This was achieved as all fire exits were sufficiently labeled and none were blocked or obstructed in any way. Also, on the stallholder's layout, fire exits were shown in case of emergency. This therefore meant that awareness of the fire exits was known. Also, fire extinguishers were available in the venue all day. * Toilet Facilities Event organisers will be obliged to provide toilet facilities for all people that may attend. Some guidelines are created in the provision of toilet facilities. These include: - Toilets should be sited correctly on even ground, to make it easily accessible for all people. - Enough toilets should be provided. - Toilets should be clean, hygienic and have running water. The toilets in the venue were opened and were placed away from any main attractions. A number of toilets were available for many people to use. The toilets were also thoroughly cleaned leading up to the event in order to make sure they were as clean and hygienic as possible. ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our AS and A Level People & Operations Management section.

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