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Unit 13 - Organising an Event

Extracts from this document...


GCE in Applied Business Unit 13 - Organising an Event By Gavin Smith Candidate: 4179 Centre No: 61101 Contents Page Page No. Contents Task No. 1 Front Page 2 Contents Page 3 Introduction to Unit 4 Task 1 : Feasibility Of An Event This Unit Includes; * The reasons for holding the event * The aims, objectives and outcomes of the event * Carrying out research into the feasibility of the event * Financial constraints * Risk assessment 1 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 Task 2 : Planning The Event This Unit Includes; * The procedures * Undertaking a risk assessment * Evaluating required physical resources * Making a time allocation table * Consider what teachers are going * Information on the importance of management and communication * Insurance plans 2 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 Task 3: Staging the Event This Unit Includes; * Aims and objectives * Tasks and responsibilities * Assessing my performance * Different groups duties 3 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 Task 4: Review and Evaluate The Visit This Unit Includes; * Analysing questionnaire results * Evaluating the trip from my point of view * Evaluating the trip from teachers point of view * Comparing analysis to aims and objectives 4 45 * 46 * 47 * 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 Bibliography / Resources Appendix for this unit can be found at the back of this unit Introduction to Unit Within this unit we have to conduct research and provide detailed and concise recommendations based upon the collected research. The unit consists of four tasks and a presentation. The first task is evaluating the feasibility of the event, I will have to consider; * The reasons for holding the event * The aims, objectives and outcomes of the event * Carrying out research into the feasibility of the event ...read more.


As our group had a large number of students attending we decided to split the contacts into two groups (group a & b), this made each tree smaller, which made it simpler to operate. Below shows a screenshot of the telephone tree, the original diagram can be found in the back of this unit in the appendix. Student Needs This is also a requirement for the success of the trip, this is required as parents and even students want reassurance that the staffs that are taking them are fully qualified and safe. There are many legal regulations that are put in place to make sure the protection of children is to its highest standard. Below is an extract from the Child Protect Act (1989). "The Children Act 1989 is based upon the belief that children are generally best looked after within the family, with both parents playing a full part and without resort to legal proceedings. The welfare of the children is the paramount consideration." Source: http://www.fnf.org.uk/law-policy/the-children-act-1989 (13/12/07) Student Needs (Continued) The extract allows me to recognize the acts purpose. This Act relates to the trip as the teachers have the responsibility (with permission from parents) to take care of us. The Academy must also be aware of this Act because they need to know who's on the child protection list, in regards to students. Students can be on the list for the following reasons, such as, malnutrition, self-harmers, strange home-life, sexually abused, mentally and physically abused. Whilst on the trip teachers are in loco parentis. Although for data protection reasons students are not allowed to see the academy's child protection policy or any students that are involved with the register. Many parents also want reassurance that the staff have been checked out that they have no history involving paedophilia or abuse. These checks are usually conducted with the Criminal Records Bureau, although these checks are usually done at the beginning of each academic year, where the academy submits CRB checks to the Bureau. ...read more.


Although there are a few things that I would recommend. Planning For planning I would recommend all the students to: * Co-operate more as a group, for instance making sure that every student attended each meeting, and keeping up the communication between particular students. * Make more time for us to book the event, so making sure we had longer than two weeks to make arrangements, if we had more time I think we could have negotiated prices further to reduce the price per student. * Look at more tour operators, even though we looked at several, I still think we could of looked at more, which could of reduced the cost, and maybe provide better services. Staging the Event For staging the event I would recommend all the students to: * Making all the students sustain a cleaner room, therefore making sure that all their cloths and belongings were tidied away into provided storage locations. * Making sure more students took their mobile phones on the trip with them, as it was difficult at times to contact students during the trip. * Making arrangements for student to wake up earlier, as many students woke up late, making us late to visit excursions. In conclusion to evaluating the success of the trip, I can say that the trip to Prague was a great success. I think that the Prague trip was much better than the previous trip to Brussels, as it was planned out much better. All the students worked considerably hard to make sure the trip was staged successfully. Considering the amount of stress the year thirteen students were under with upcoming examinations and deadlines, we were still able to enjoy the trip. All the year 12's and 14's were impressed with our planning and staging of the event. All the excursions we went on I thought were fantastic, and the teachers were particularly happy with our behavior throughout the trip. Overall I think if next year's year 12's planned an international trip, I think it would be impossible to beat how creative and successful the trip to Prague was. ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our AS and A Level People & Operations Management section.

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