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Unit 2 Investigating business

Extracts from this document...


Introduction I am planning to set up a mobile cook service which offers good quality food at good prices, the chefs will be available to go to people's homes and cook for them, whether it be a casual meal for two or a dinner party with your friends. I will be opening a partnership business with me ad the main owner and two other silent partners. Assessment criteria A - Business planning AO1 - My business plan Executive summary I am aiming to set up and start a business sometime in 2010; I will be the main owner but will also have 2 silent partners who will be putting money into the money but will not be fully involved with all of the decision making. I have decided to set up this kind of business because it is totally unique and there is no other business that offers this kind of a service. The main idea of my business is that we go out to people's houses and cook a meal for them; this can be for a quite formal event like a dinner party or just a casual meal for two. My business opportunity I'm planning to start this business sometime during 2010 this will give me enough time to get everything ready in time. Me and my two sleeping partners will all be putting money into the business and finding people with the right skills to carry out jobs within in the business such as a secretary, van driver and a couple of chefs. Effectively there are three of us involved in the business, although I will be bringing my skills and money to the business whereas the silent partners will just be bringing money into the business, the profits and the debts will be shared. We have all signed a contract to bind our partnership together meaning that none of us are allowed to suddenly drop out or stop their contribution. ...read more.


Even though this is quite expensive we will need to ensure that we cater for everyone's needs, buying enough fresh stock to be used for our customers. Also by paying this price we are ensuring that we are providing good quality food for our customers. * Jar, lid and bottle opener - �4.95 (http://www.alacook.co.uk/item--Jar-Bottle-Opener--KCPROJO.html) * Kitchen utensil kit - �32.72 (http://www.alacook.co.uk/cat--Kitchen-Tools-Utensils--kitch_tools02.html) * Silicone glove mitt - �4.95 (http://www.alacook.co.uk/item--Silicone-Grab-Oven-Mit--KCGRAB.html) We will need this silicone glove mitt to collect hot things from their cooking area. I have deliberately chosen these suppliers as they are all very reliable and also offer free home delivery which will be much easier for us as our secretary will be able to be at the office when they deliver everything. Financial resources What capitol I need The capitol that I need for my business is going to be quite a large amount as I need to take into account everything that I need to buy and the fact that I will not be making a profit for the first few months. I need to take into account the food I will have to buy, the rent I will have to pay, my physical resources and the wages that I need to pay. * The rent will be �150 a month * My other various, including food, monthly outgoing costs will be �149.99 * The starting up costs and physical resources will be �3491.76 * The wages I will be paying monthly will come to �4624.83 Possible sources of getting this capitol There are a few various ways which I could look at getting this capitol, one of the most popular ways to do it is a bank loan which I could make monthly payments back to and also get the kind of money that I need, also if I get a business loan the interest will probably be quite low. Although I will need to pay this money back over quite a quick period of time and if I don't pay it back then I could end up in quite a lot of debt. ...read more.


At Genesis we provide a range of email solutions with Blackberry Business phones and dedicated exchange email hosting." Email writing has become a large part of modern communication, particularly in business. The world has become much smaller now that we have the ability to send and receive email messages over great distances at an incredible speed. Due to the ease of use it has the potential to be abused and you should try to keep the following points in mind when writing email this will easy to now look at us using email to communicate, its becoming world wide used with makes it very popular." Source: (http://www.riches.com.au/articles/writing-email-tips.htm) AO6 - how can I use e-commerce as a method of trading My business is a catering service and once we have expanded a little more we could consider offering a service where the customers order the food they wan the cooks to cook for their dinner party. Then it automatically goes through online. Customers that order food online can keep track of their food at any time of the day; the payment would still be collected by the cook when they are working. This means that our customers can order food any time of the day and it lets them keep track of their order. If the customer is not in at the scheduled time the cook will stay there for ten minutes a ring the customer but if they still do not get any response they will leave and the customer will still be charged the full price. To assure that we will receive a payment from the customer we will take their credit details so that if they do not provide us with the payment then we will be able to withdraw it from their bank account. Pay-Pal is an e-commerce business allowing payments and money transfers to be made over the internet; I will use this within my business as it is also an easier way for some customers to pay us. Unit two - Investigating business Chloe Rock - 3341 Page 1 of 78 ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our AS and A Level Marketing & Research section.

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