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Unit 2: Recruitment in the Workplace

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Unit 2: Recruitment in the Workplace Task 1 (A01) In this report, I am going to describe and explain the recruitment and selection process and the different stages that the business has to go through when filling a vacantly Recruitment is when an organisation identifies a vacancy and from the range of applicants that require a job, the organisation employ the best candidate from the application forms received to fill the vacancy in order for the business to run efficiently. Selection is when all the applicants are shortlisted and from them, the employer chosen the best candidate for the job role. The human resources (HR) department are required to work for the organisation by recruiting, training staff also motivating them to work hard in the business. If the employees are trained and recruited correctly, it would show that the business is successfully operating. There are also many other tasks the HR department do such as giving employees promotions and a wage/salary boost, annual appraisals and other employee benefits. Recruitment can be internal or external depending on the job role and the vacancy being filled. Internal recruitment is when an employee already within the business fills a vacancy rather than employing someone outside the business. The vacancy for internal recruitment can be advertised by putting up notice boards, on the intranet and it can also be discussed during staff meetings on who would be the best person to fill the vacancy. The advantages of recruiting internally in the business are that when performing an induction for them, it will not be as difficult because the employee would be familiar with the business workplace and surroundings also it is quicker and less expensive than recruiting someone externally because the amount of candidates is already been narrowed down to certain employees inside the business. The disadvantages if recruiting internally is that the person filling the vacancy from inside the business may not have all the required skills and qualifications to perform the job effectively and by recruiting someone externally offers a versatile range of skills, qualities, experience and qualifications. ...read more.


It is important to give correct details and make sure all compulsory sections have been filled such as the personal details and the job they candidate will apply for. Covering letter A covering letter is sent along with other documents (such as the CV and the application letter) to provide additional information about the candidate. Since it may be hard to structure, many candidates try to receive help in writing this letter to make sure it is elegantly written. While a cover letter may be the last piece of an application, it is one of the most important elements of the finished whole, since it goes straight to the employer and can be the difference in whether someone is employed or not. For a covering letter to be well written and structured, it needs to be planned and drafted beforehand before a final version can be made and sent off to the employer. Research is highly recommended so that the candidate can reference the company's recent activities or accomplishments. In addition, the cover letter usually addresses the specifics of the job opening with a line which briefly indicates that the writer is perfectly suited to the position. To write a covering letter takes patience and specific content has to be included in the letter. Firstly, the candidate should explain in detail why they should be chosen and how they more distinctive than other candidates e.g. if the job applied for was a commercial banker, the candidate would need to have a reputation for making profit for the business also they must be able to promote the businesses image and services in an appealing way so the employer will be looking for someone who has this aptitude and experience. The candidate must then explain how they can benefit the employer if they are chosen for an interview as if they don't have any raw talents and business acumen then it would be meaningless in the employer using up the businesses funds to have the candidate work for them. ...read more.


a amputated arm or leg cannot be healed and therefore they will never have that part of their body again so this is classed as a life time impairment. Another example of lifetime disability is when a part of their body is paralyzed so the nerves while never work and they are unable to move that side of their body. In the workplace, a disabled employee must be provided with special treatment by providing facilities such as ramps and lifts because they may be unable to walk and therefore they are seated on a wheelchair. Being in a wheelchair still allows the use of arms so they cannot be discriminated during recruitment in a job that only requires someone's hands to be fully moveable e.g. a disabled candidate can still work as a cashier because they only needs their hands to scan the goods and work the counter also store the goods in a bag and exchange cash in return for goods with the customer. The Employment Equality Regulations 2006 Act makes it unlawful for employers unreasonably discriminating against employee's on grounds of age. This means that employers are not allowed to discriminate and not employ someone because of their age. This either could be young or old employees. The reason for this is because everyone must have the same rights of treatments. This can be in anyway either being in working environment or elsewhere. Furthermore, this act protects people from being treated differently from someone older or younger. For example: for a program specialist job, a senior male applicant and a young female candidate aged 23 have applied for it but the senior man did not get the job because of his age and the employer may have though he would not be able to handle the job and is too old. This is discrimination and this act protects the older man from being discriminated and therefore the employer will have to choose which candidate he would like based on the skills and other factors related to the field of work. ?? ?? ?? ?? Nahidul Islam 1 | Page ...read more.

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