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Unit 3 P6 Develop a coherent marketing mix for new product or service

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P6- Develop a coherent marketing mix for new product or service M3- develop a coherent marketing mix that is targeted at defined group potential of customers Introduction: In this report there will be information which shows the coherent marketing mix for a new product and also the coherent marketing mix that will be targeted at the potential groups of customers Marketing mix- Marketing a mix is a process in which if the get all product, price, place and promotion right they are highly likely to succeed Product: A product can be either a an item or service that has been manufactured or provided in order for sale or to make customers use their services, an example this is Tesco PLC as they have produced both product and service which are technika and Tesco PLC banking The product is a strawberry cake under the Mcvitie Jaffa cake brand. It is very similar to Jaffa cakes but instead of the orange jelly there will be rose Turkish delight and instead of the chocolate it will be strawberries, the product will be called flappa cake. This is a marketing strategy of developed development because it is a Jaffa cake styled product but the product inside has been changed. ...read more.


children as they are who my product is aiming to sell at, this will make them more interested in the product, the organisation will make it very clear that it is an alternate version of the original Jaffa cakes which will also attract people who are lovers of the original Jaffa cake. Another method of advertising is the use is celebrity endorsements which will attract customers because their favourite celebrities eat them. To attract customers and because families are on a tight budget, the organisation are going to use a promotional strategy for a family especially price of the product will have a massive influence when deciding whether to purchase the product or not. Especially in a recession my product isn?t a necessity it is more seen as a treat. It is not a product which individuals need to live. When families or people try to cut back one of the main things their change is the amount of their shopping bill. The organisation is going to segment the market based on psychographic segmentation. This is when a business identifies key lifestyle preferences of consumers? values, beliefs and interests. Primarily families are going to be targeted as children and adults will both interest in the product. ...read more.


its own recognition in a small period of time Public relations: The organisation will maintain the favouritism of the product by getting celebrity to endorse the product so it maintains the top positions for a lengthy period of time, they will consider using celebrities such as George Clooney Sales promotions: The organisation will use sales promotions such as regular offers like buy on get one free, they also want to introduce anniversary promotions, they?re will also be holiday promotions such as Christmas, Eid Diwali promotions, this will best benefit our product because it will show that we are very interlinked with the different religious celebrations The methods of promotion that I have decided to use which will meet my proposed target group The promotion tactics that the organisation will use is anniversary promotion and also religious In the July the product will be presented to families portraying that it will be a healthy treat, a promotion tactic will be a television advert set in the July time so in the summer when the family require ice creams and instead of ice-cream they will receive a flappa cake and they will be happy with it, when the product is established they will tie itself into anniversary promotion and also religious celebration promotions such as Diwali, Eid and Christmas ...read more.

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