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Unit 30 P1 Business

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Web Design Strategies Introduction P1 In this unit I have been given the task to choose three organisations and describe how their websites work and how they are used for business purposes. In this case, I chose Coca Cola, Direct.gov and Shelter. Firstly, I analysed coca cola's website. The concept of the website was quite clear; I came up with the following results: CocaCola.co.uk: Mainly used for public relations Direct.gov: An information website to assist the general public Direct.gov provides a vast amount of information about public services for the convenience of the community. In addition, they also advertise charities, recommendations and news (such as changes in laws and regulations). Shelter.org.uk: Charity website that assist homeless people Shelter's website provides information and advice for people with housing problems. ...read more.


Coca Cola.co.uk enables the user to learn about the company, such as their products and events. It also assists them with health recommendations and facts. Direct.gov also has a simple layout, making links and tabs easy to see. Like Coca Cola.co.uk, the website uses two basic colours, navigation is simple and pages load reasonably fast. Thus the website executes it job in providing information about public services efficiently and effectively. Following the same concept design as the other two websites, Shelter.co.uk also uses two basic colours. It has a drop down menu on the left hand side of the page making it more convenient for the user. And the user friendly design makes navigation easy and simple. ...read more.


Their website mainly consists of text with small images. The main colour used is orange in order to improve the visibility of navigational tools on the website. As usual, the Arial font is used and images are clickable. The buttons on the website are quite small; however there is a function on the website that enables the user to increase the text size if they wish to do so. Shelter.ac.uk uses flash media on the homepage to capture their viewers' attention and has a dropdown menu (on most of the buttons) for easy navigation. Once again, pictures are clickable and the Arial font is used. Not much text is used on the homepage, thus making it less likely for users to become confused. The website uses basic imagery, text and flash in order to create a simplistic design for its users ?? ?? ?? ?? Tarik Williams Unit 30 ...read more.

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