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Unit 4 Effective People, Communication and Information p3

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Unit 4 Effective People, Communication and Information P3 Electronic and Non-Electronic methods for communicating business information There are many different methods of communication. These can be divided into two different categories: Electronic (non-written), and Non-Electronic (written). Methods of communication that would come under Written Communication would be things like: * Letter * Memos * Reports * Fax * Invoices * Flow charts * Publicity materials * SMS (Text Message) Methods of communications that would come under Electronic Communication would be things along the lines of: * Telephone * Video conferencing * Meetings Both Written Communication and Electronic Communication have their advantages. ...read more.


* Reports - To view any progress or falls being happening within the organisation. Reports are a good way to do this as they are detailed. * Meetings - In an organisation, it is inevitable that there will be meetings held. These are usually used to discuss improvement, the current status of the organisation, and to get staff to contribute their ideas. Customers These are the methods of communication that I would use to communicate with the customers: * Publicity Materials - To tell the truth, this is an obvious one really. ...read more.


I would use letters to communicate with suppliers because it is not a long time consuming method of communicating. You just write what you need to say, put it in an envelope, post it, and the recipient gets it the next day. * Telephone - This is one of the simplest, most direct ways of communicating with people today. Talking with suppliers on the telephone would mean that all of the business involving matters like deliveries, times, amounts, and other things can all be sorted out in a matter of minutes. ?? ?? ?? ?? Anton Prinson Sritharan BTEC BUSINESS NATIONAL Unit 4 1 ...read more.

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