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Unit 4 P7 Outline electronic methods and non-electronic method for communicating business information using examples from different types of audience

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P7: outline electronic methods and non-electronic method for communicating business information using examples from different types of audience This report is going to outline electronic methods and non-electronic method for communicating business information using examples from different types of audience. Non- electronic methods: Letters- this non-electrical method would be used in Tesco plc to reach high standard of communication as people outside the organisation such as customers, would judge how the organisation by how the letter is written. Letters have to be clear and understandable if the letter is about instructions. Letters could also give rise to legal liability for example it was an acceptance of business letter. Memorandum- also called ?memos? this non-electrical method would be used in Tesco plc to communicate between different departments within the same organisation. The information of a memo is usually smaller than a business letter and normally targets one particular subject in the organisation for employees such as sales assistant should increase sales in a year. ...read more.


This would be targeted to staffs such as labour workers in the company, to help them give information on how each activity works and what are the outcomes. Publicity material- Tesco plc uses publicity materials as they all carry certain essential qualities for example publicity materials such as leaflets, postcards, flyers etc. providing information and notifying certain things such as events, charities etc. These materials must have an eye-catching design so that people would find these publicity materials appealing to them. This is will help Tesco plc improve or promote a corporate image or activity in their organisation. Electronic methods The internet and WAP- the internet has many way of communicating by giving people access to free web based email accounts, allowing companies and individual to disseminate information through website and blogs, Tesco plc has an online super market and a website about information about the company and what they want to achieve and plan in future. Touch screen- there are apps that people are able to download on to their touch screen devices, for example there is a Tesco apps that people are able to download on their touch screen devices. ...read more.


this is indicates that DVD?s would be more likely to be used in to easily demonstrate some main topics and rules that the employees most follow. Mobile phone- This would be essential for Tesco plc for internal and external uses to communicate with customer and employee. For example Tesco plc can send text messages to their employees about changes in the time table, changes of stations etc. Tesco plc can send text messages to customers about their delivery they have ordered online. This indicate that mobile communication can be used both was to communicate with people about different information. In conclusion non-electronic and electronic communication works well in communicating with business information to people outside and inside the business environment. But each of these aspects has its disadvantages and as advantages to communicate with the people for example non electronic communicate such as letters, faxes, memos, Publicity material, flow charts and invoice. This enables to communicate with many specific people that the organisation wants to communicate in the organisation and outside the organisation. Electronic communication will allow business to do the similar things as non-electronic methods for example mobile phones to communicate with external and internal customers. | Page ...read more.

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