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Unit 9 P1 BTEC National In Business Year 1

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Skoda Case Study Promotional mix definition: The combination of personal selling, public relations, advertising, sales promotion, sponsorships, direct mail, and trade shows that are utilized in promoting a good or service. The appropriate mix is the combination that produces the best results for a given budget. (Source: Dictionary.com) Promotional mix used by Skoda: * Advertising: Advertising can be defined as placing your message in any form of paid media. Advertising can have a number of objectives, these usually are * To promote * To remind * To support * To compete * To persuade You have two types of advertising. Above the line advertising is advertising placed in TV, radio, newspaper and cinema. Below the line advertising is based around advertising via direct mail, sponsorship and sales promotion. Skoda uses so many different ways to advertise their products. The campaign's promotional activities support the new brand position. The key messages for the campaign focus on the 'happy' customer experience and appeal at an emotional rather than a practical level. The campaign includes: * The 'Fabia Cake' TV adverts. This showed that the car was 'full of lovely stuff' with the happy music ('Favourite things') ...read more.


Others include couponing, money-off promotions, competitions, free accessories (such as free blades with a new razor), introductory offers (such as buy digital TV and get free installation), and so on. Each sales promotion should be carefully costed and compared with the next best alternative. * Sponsorship: Sponsorship is about providing money to an event, in turn the product or company is acknowledged for doing so. Sponsorship helps the company improve its image and public relations within the market and usually the company attempts to sponsor a person or event that mirrors the image they are trying to aim for. * Publicity and Public Relations: Managing public relations is very important for the organisation. Image in marketing is everything. Having a good image helps the organisation develop a trust and a bond between themselves and their customers. This good will is invaluable. Public relations activities include press releases, company literature, videos, websites and annual reports. __________________________________________ Universal records Case Study Universal Music Group is the world's leading music company with wholly-owned record operations or licensees in 71 countries. Its businesses also include Universal Music Publishing Group, one of the industry\'s largest global music publishing operations. ...read more.


UMG do sales promotion on common basis for their target market so that they can maintain their standard and keep ahead with their competitors * Sponsorship: There is not much information on sponsorship that UMG did, but it could be that they have sponsored musical concerts, trade fairs and other media related events. And also new comers and singers when launched often get sponsored by universal group. * Publicity and Public relations: This is a type of promotion that relies on public relations effect of a news story carried usually free by mass media. The main objective of publicity is not sales promotion, but creation of an image through editorial or 'independent source' commentary. While the publicist can control the content of the story, he or she may not have any control over its placement or interpretation by the media. UMG do consider opinions from their customers, needs of their employees and satisfaction of other clients like investors. Again the company itself is well known and famous around the world that it does not need to publicise its services and products. But they surely do commercials and advertisement and most of the time it comes with the product. ?? ?? ?? ?? Exploring Creative Product Promotion Hifsa Khan Niazi Date: 1 ...read more.

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