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unit10 final account

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INTRODUCTION I will investigating about two businesses. I will be talking about their ownership, liabilities, main industrial sectors, their core business activities, location, stakeholders, and conflicts of interest. BRIEF DESCRIPTION ABOUT TESCO The tesco I am investigating about is located at Beckton. It is a public limited company that is can sell its shares to the public. This tesco branch has over 150 staff. The reason why I have chosen this tesco is because it is big and many people do their shopping at this particular branch. The main aim of tesco is to make profit, expand, get famous, maximise sale and also compete with their competitors (ASDA, SAINSBURY'S). Tesco at beckton opens 24 hours a day. BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF ABBERY GRORCIES Abbey grorcies that I am investigating about is a sole trader business i.e. a one man business. All the activities of the business is carried out by the owner, the sole trader bears all the risk, shares all the profit alone, make decisions by himself and shares the loss alone. Abbey grorcies main aim is to provide goods and services to the local community, make profit, to survive as a business. Abbey grorcies sells newspaper, food and drinks. Abbey grorcies opens the shop at 8.00pm and closes at 11.00pm. TYPE OF OWNERSHIP AND LIABILITY OF BOTH BUISNESSES TESCO: is a public limited company (plc) this means any person can buy shares in a public limited company and they are identified by their (plc) after their name. Public limited companies have limited liability. This means that if tesco goes bankrupt, the owners loose what they have invested into the business only. ABBEY GRORCIES: is a sole trader and it's an individual trading in his or her name. This business is owned by one person and got an unlimited liability this means if the owner cannot pay its debts, he loose all his investment in the business and also his personal assets. ...read more.


Being close to customers is important where smaller industrial companies service the need of larger organisation in a particular trade. HAVE ANY OF THESE REASONS CHANGED 4b For Tesco I do not think that there is any of these reason are changed because this business is expanding a lot in nationwide and one thing that is good for this business is the location they have chosen because it is easily accessible for the customer and their suppliers, and it is near and many buses go there. 4c) Identify which of the factors is the most important as far as each business is concerned. The factors that are important for Tesco are as follow:- * Customers * Cost of the premises * Competitors * Suppliers and raw materials * Transportations * People and Skills * Government and other incentives * Customers are important because they are the ones that buy the products and services. The business aims are to make profit, expand and provide goods and services to the wider and local community. * Competitors: Marks and Spencer there competitors are in that area are Sainsbury's, Asda, Safeway and Somerfield. These are the competitors of Tesco because they sell the same products Tesco sells. * Cost of the Premises: This is important because everyone would like to know that the premises they are buying how much does it cost. Because some businesses have a limited amount of capital to spend on the premises. 4b) Have any of the reasons changed? For Abbey grorcies, I do not think that there is any reason, which is changed. Because the location they have chosen is good because there is no other near that shop and local people go to that shop so often. The location is good for the business because there are no other competitors in the area, so there are better of the business to survive. ...read more.


WAL-MART/ASDA CHALLENGE > Since the US shopping giant wal-mart purchased ASDA, tesco's rank as the top UK supermarket has been threatened; ASDA can now compete extremely well on price and range. Tesco is well aware of this, and has so far been quick to keep up with price cut or special offers at ASDA. Wal-mart may have decided to wield buying power more heavily in the UK, and this could spell the end of tesco's brand dominance in the future. OVERSEAS RETURNS COULD FALL > The buy case of tesco is predicated around investment overseas driving higher group returns as each country moves past critical mass. This might not happen, because of economic conditions, competitor's action, or failure in tesco's business model. It also could come as a consequence of an aggressive move into a larger market. UK SRUCTURAL CHANGE COULD SPARK A PRICE WAR > The price followers in the UK market are about to become aggressive investors in price. Morrison is reducing Safeway's price by up to 6% and Sainsbury is bound to see lower prices as one of the basic changes necessary to drive its recovery. With both Asda and tesco committed to price leadership, this could result in a step down in industry profitability. + Tesco Wonder Food Type of owner ship It is different because it is a public limited company It is different because it is a sole trader i.e. a one man business. Industrial Sectors It is similar because it is in the tertiary sector i.e. they provide goods and services. It is similar because it is in the tertiary sector. Core business activity It is similar because its core activities are selling food and drinks. It is similar because it also sells food and drinks. Location of business It is different because it is located at Beckton. It is different because it is located at abbey road Stratford. Stakeholders Tesco stakeholders are the Government, Employees, Shareholders, Suppliers, Customers and the Local Community. Abbey grorcies stakeholders are suppliers, customers and local community WWW.TESCO.COM WWW.COMPANYS-HOUSE.CO.UK WWW.UPMYSTREET.COM ?? ?? ?? ?? Patrick Emmanuel Fidel 1 ...read more.

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