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united biscuits

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Businesses at Work - United Biscuits 1. Introduction United biscuits were founded in 1948 with the merger of two Scottish family businesses, these were McVities and the Price and McFarlane Lang group. It was developed furthermore when they acquired Crawford's Biscuits and MacDonald's Biscuits. More recently in 2000, United Biscuits was bought by Finalrealm who were a consortium of investors and the company reverted to a private company status. 2. Ownership In 2000 United Biscuits were bought by a consortium of four businesses, these four businesses own different percentages in the company which is dictated by the amount of money which they invested. The four businesses were Cinven who own 30%, PAI Partners who also own 30%, Nabisco who own 25% and finally MidOcean Partners who own 15%. United Biscuits were reverted to being a private limited company, this is unusual because private companies tend to be smaller than public companies and often are family businesses. ...read more.


Shares are a good way of generating capitol for new ventures because they can release shares for a certain amount and depending on how many they sell they will have an instant rise in capitol. There are only a few disadvantages in comparison to an unlimited liability business, they have to share the profits out between the shareholders and decisions can't be made quickly, they also cost more to set up. United Biscuits could become a public limited company, and to do this they would have to float their stocks on the Stock Exchange. One of the main benefits of doing this is that large amounts of capital can be raised very quickly, to every "up-side" there must be a "down-side" and this is that the control of the business can be lost if large amounts of shares are bought because this would possibly result in a takeover. ...read more.


achieve profitable branded growth * To recognise that cost release and organisational alignment are key to delivery of satisfaction * To initiate and support partnerships which can affect change for and within their communities United Biscuits have achieved their first objective quite easily by merging their UK Biscuits and the UK Snacks businesses into one regional UK business at the end of 2003. With the acquisition of the Jacobs Biscuit Group in September 2004 it strengthened their campaign to fulfil their objectives. One spokesperson from United Biscuits said; "The combination of our UK businesses plus the new Jacob's business will allow us to maximise opportunities to leverage our scale and to further focus resources behind our UK priority brands." This statement outlines the fact that the business feels positive that it is working towards achieving their first objective. ?? ?? ?? ?? Shane Bracken Year 12 Businesses at work- Mr Brayshaw ...read more.

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