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Using directgov, Comet Business Services and a business to Consumer Company of your choice describe the use of visual media designs features below, you should use the range to comment on the companies.

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Task 3 Using directgov, Comet Business Services and a business to Consumer Company of your choice describe the use of visual media designs features below, you should use the range to comment on the companies. Use of colours Sainsbury's has the most interesting and appealing website of all, it uses bright orange colours to incise the viewer to browse more and inclines the viewer to stay on the website for a long period of time. Direct gov use very plain and straight to the point colours this is because they are providing a service and they want people who use their service to be able to access it quickly using simple colour like whit enable this to happen. Comet use very futuristic colours like they blend two colours together to give a more sci fi affect this is because most of their customers are large organisations who want to access their information quickly as possible. Fonts and graphics Comet use a font called Tahoma size 10 this is consistent through out their website as it easy to read and because it is size 10 which doesn't occupy too much room and isn't too small that people can't read it. ...read more.


Comet have no page transitions what so ever each page is dedicated to itself the main focus is only on one this is because their customers want straight to the point accurate responses their customers are businesses who are not looking to entertained whereas consumers are. Direct gov do have page transitions this is purely occupied by their sponsors these sponsors interlink with the service they provide e.g. they have a transitions with which include the jobcentre plus this is because the direct gov have a link on job seekers allowance therefore everything ties together nicely. Page consistency To me the direct gov web page has no consistency what so ever everything seems to be splashed on to the page with a border around it the main body of the site is in the middle and the things around it seem to be there just to look pretty. The Sainsbury's website has a very consistent feel about it this is because everything is categorised and the whole web page seems to marriage with each other whereas with direct gov it doesn't. ...read more.


the same time therefore it isn't to over powering and not complicated for elderly people to use, also they have a font enlargement facility which is for the elderly people. Direct gov is a non profitable organisation which proved information to the public this is why they have a simply laid out website the is easy accessible and easy to read this appeals to their target market as they are looking for information that is quick, easy to access and understand. Consistent with brand image The way that a websites image is established in the minds of consumers is a complex interaction of real and perceived attributes. Success of retailers depends on consumers having positive associations that allow them firstly to try the retailer, and secondly to remain loyal to them. Identified location convenience, price level, product assortment, service and quality as important marketing mix attributes of store image across a number of retailing types, with aspects such as quality being more important for food retailers. Some websites attributes such as store location, merchandise, price, advertising and promotion, personnel, services offered, physical design and nature of store clientele have been found to have a consistent influence on store choice. ...read more.

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