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Using your three organisations used in Task 1: you are now required to describe the functions and features of their website.

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Task 2 Using your three organisations used in Task 1: you are now required to describe the functions and features of their website. www.tesco.com has a number of links to sub-sites within the same domain; they have a link, for every department for which they sell products in. www.tesco.com have a link for groceries, wine, entertainment, clothing, phone shop and banking and insurance, is the user was to click on any of these links then they would be directed to another page with more links related to the department they are shopping in. Register Registering at www.tesco.com is very simple and as follows: The user clicks on the link that says 'register now >' Then they are directed to this sub-site, they enter their details in the register here box and click register, and that's all the user is now registered with them and they can login whenever they use the Tesco website. ...read more.


Payment Option The online payment method is almost a reflection of the physical one with the exclusion if paying by cash. The following payment methods are accepted by Tesco internet access: * Credit/Debit Card. * Direct Debit. If choosing the Direct Debit option, you will still be required to enter a Card/Debit card, to allow Tesco internet access to bill you while setting up the Direct Debit instructions with your bank. The following Credit or Debit cards are accepted by Tesco internet access: * Visa * MasterCard * Delta * Switch/Solo Background Functions Tesco.com does have an automated database which issues customers that purchase their products with receipts one the customer has made the purchase the computer automatically emails them with a receipt as proof of purchase this then can be shown to customer service if they wish to return the item. This is similar to what they do in store with the exclusion of someone physically handing you the receipt. ...read more.


Main factors affecting usability The main factors that affect the usability of the Tesco website are, the speed in which the page loads as they use a lot of java related illustrations on their web pages, another factor is ht at they have so many icons on webpage that consumers may get confused on where to start therefore this factor may deter users from going on their website to shop. Navigation paths that relate to consumer needs The Tesco navigation paths relate to consumer needs because the consumer wants to click on a link and find products related to that link e.g. if the customer was to click on groceries then they wouldn't want to find computers on that sub site. Navigation paths available help consumer transaction The navigation path on the Tesco website helps the consumer complete the transaction as once he or she have finished shopping online they can click on the basket link on the web page and go to the checkout, this then transfers them to a page where they have to login and then they enter their card details. ...read more.

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