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Venetian Ice Ltd

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Aims and Objectives All business has aims and objectives. Such aims and objectives are Survival, profit, image prestige and status, growth, and social benefit. These aims and objectives are targets and a goal that a business sets it self's and hopefully reaches them. An aim is a long term target such as increasing sales by 15% over the next 12 month's. An objective is a short term target such as gain more customers. I am now going to write about each one in turn and suggest on how Venetian Ices Ltd can achieve the five aims and objectives. Survival: - During hard periods were a company are hardly making a profit and struggling to cover cost's the company will forget about making a profit but just to be able to cover cost and stay open. I saying which comes to mind is "you have to make a loss, before making a gain" What Venetian Ices could do to survive is to introduce new products, which the market wants. ...read more.


Venetian Ices could make more of a profit several ways. One way is to cut down on the amount of ice cream been wasted which hasn't been sold. Another way to increase profit is to know whom you are targeting to. Venetian Ices should also do many researches. One research could be which flavour and types of ice creams people want. Also the price must be looked into because the price must be not be too expensive or too cheap. Image, Prestige and Status: - Many business like to look a successful company to other companies. So to do this company's offer staff extravagant company cars and offices, which are of a high calibre. Venetian Ices can improve there image by showing that they care for the environment, so they use bio-degradable packaging it shows they are helping the problems which are effecting the environment. ...read more.


They could do this by helping out a charity or helping needy children. With this people will remember the brand of ice cream and next time they are buying ice cram they might buy Venetian Ices. Social Benefits: - The benefit to society by a company opening is the opportunity of a job. So in a way the company are offering something back to the locals. A Company that produce dangerous gasses into the atmosphere could try to cut the amount of emissions going into the atmosphere. This could be an aim. Venetian Ices benefit the locals by giving the chance of a job and also Venetian Ices bring other business to the town. Also they can be seen a friendly company by giving young people an opportunity to work in the work place by offering them a place for work Experience. Also another benefit could be the advertisement which they could get by sponsoring local people and local teams. I.e. Football Team. ...read more.

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