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Video on Ict Systems in a cinema

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Video on Ict Systems in a cinema Introduction The gate cinema is located at london,notting hill the films works is loacated at manchester the uci owns both of these cinemas. The gate cinema holds 250 seats and has 1 screnn the Film works is a muiltplix cinmea and holds 4,500m seats and has 20 screens. A good film for the cinemas is a p.g because they can show it anytime and anyone can watch it plus people will come with familys so that means more money for the cinema.. Advertising The uci informs it's customeers about what is showing at the cinema is by newspapers, teletext, board listings and the internet. The Gate cinema only gets in touch with it's customers by email only. ...read more.


family film then more people can see the film and more people will come plus people will buy more food like popcorn. Although the number of seats sold is affect so is consescitons. The uci choose their films by using a computer package that allwos them to see what films are the most populor. The Gate cinema only needs to be half full to still break even. Counting The pennies The Uci has a finance department they need a good financial control system so they can sucure the money. The wages are sorted out at the head office they input the information on the computer on how much the workers have earned and the hours e.c.t then the money is sent to the workers. The gate cinema does not use Ict at all to help them with their finances instead they daily count all the tickets they have sold. ...read more.


The ways that money comes into the cinema is by consestions,sales of tickets, screens to compaines and arcades. But also money goes out on new equpiment,bills,adverts arcadesm, new films and consestions. The uci is a profitable business that earns around �10.8 billion a year. The difference between turnover and profit is that turn over is money taken and profit is money made. The best ever film for the gate was american beauty they made an unblieve �30,000 they made �20,000 in one weekend. Screening A film projector works bya light shining on a screen with still images rapidly movin to create aninmation lights sound and everything else is on a timer this is automation. Also people have lost jobs due to computers have tooken over and the employes have to learn computer skills. The Future digital technolgy has changed the use of filmthe cpmuters control light and film a roll of film isn't needed. ...read more.

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