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We specialise in fast cars. Our target customers would roughly be at the age of 21-35yrs and both male and female will be attracted to them. The importance for promotion is to attract customers so that they will buy your products

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Task 1 - Promotions Work for Pass grade The business we have chosen is a car showroom called 'Fast and Furious'. It is a business that sells various sports cars such as Ferrari, Porsche, BMW etc. As you can tell from the name of the business, we specialise in fast cars. Our target customers would roughly be at the age of 21-35yrs and both male and female will be attracted to them. ...read more.


The target age is a young period, so we would have to look at what kind of things they would most likely get attracted to. Things such as, Free Insurance, Free Accessories and Free Services would attract customers at that age group because they wouldn't have to worry about spending so much on their car. ...read more.


This will attract customers because they won't need to worry about paying insurance for a whole year. * Free Services - The car you purchase would get free services for about 3yrs. * Warranty - We will give a customer 3yrs free insurance * Free Accessories - The customer would get A/C fitted into their car depending on what one it is. Also things like leather interior, electric windows CD player, navigation system, T.V etc ?? ?? ?? ?? Sales Harmeet Rehinsi ...read more.

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