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We will look to find out more about marketing techniques and decisions made by Kelloggs and find out why these choices are made.

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Marketing for Tomorrow We here at Marketing for Tomorrow were able to hold an interview with Kelloggs. The giant cereal based company has gone from strength to strength in providing our everyday breakfast and snack meals during their 105 year existence. During the interview we will talking with their marketing manager; Mr Simon James, and we will look to find out more about marketing techniques and decisions made by Kelloggs and find out why these choices are made. What marketing objectives do kelloggs currently have? At Kelloggs we are currently working towards increasing our market share globally in the cereal market. We will look to do this by making sure that we are consistently providing the products that customers all over the world want to consume. The fact that we have been the leading cereal company in the world for so long will hopefully enable us to emphasise to potential customers that we have a quality product that is not only that but can be essential in providing a healthy nutritionally balanced diet. Do you feel this is going to be successful in fuelling the growth of Kelloggs? Yes I think it will be as looking to increase our market share isn't all about increasing sales it's responding to the ever changing market that we are operating in, and so by us coming up with the latest products to remain completive it will attract customers to keep buying existing products for the long term future helping to fuel the growth of Kelloggs. ...read more.


Marketing for Tomorrow Information Box Marketing for Tomorrow Techniques Kelloggs Thorpe Park Growth Kelloggs want to grow in order to increase their market share and sustain their growth by looking for ways to meet consumer needs by growing the cereal business and expanding its product portfolio. In order to achieve this they could look towards increasing certain budgets such, as advertisement and the research and development of products. This will help to ensure they are reaching a wider audience so that one, they are aware of the brand and its products and two so that they are more inclined to purchase. Thorpe Park would want growth in order to remain competitive with competitors; they look to do this by improving the all-round service which they offer current customers and potential customers that may consider visiting the theme park in the near future. So in order to achieve growth they could look towards making annual improvements to the look of the park, making it seem even more accessible in terms of the needs and potential wants of the customers. Brand Extension/product development For Kelloggs brand extension would involve taking the name of a product that is currently doing well and then extending the range of that to the customers so for example it could be developing a new flavour. ...read more.


This helps towards achieving a greater market share as they are stating that even though many have imitated their products Kelloggs are the only cereal based company that really know how to get it right. A weakness to this could be that many just feel as if they are paying for the brand and not the product. * Diversification - Kelloggs have been quite successful in the diversification of their products and different services that they offer, for example originally they only offered standard cornflakes but as they have grown they have managed to meet the demands of customers no matter what age they may, be and they often set out the target audience for their products through their advertisements. A weakness or a danger of being Kelloggs trying to be too diverse could be them trying to guess or take their customers' needs for granted by expecting them to automatically enjoy their products. Kelloggs have shifted in their marketing and production of products as the market has shifted and is ever changing to meet the demands of customers, as they are influenced heavily to become healthier. This is evident in Kelloggs as they first started off by making quality breakfast cereals, then ventured into the snack end of the business, and now concentrate on making sure that both these snacks and cereals are healthy, so they can offer an extra incentive for customers to purchase the product. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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