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Website management.

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Unit 12 Website Management 1. THE DIFFERENCE IN WEB BROWSERS. Different browsers support different html tags (these are shown below). Also the displayed colours can be different, Netscape navigator does not support all the colours that Internet explore does. Some browsers don't support frames which will display a message telling the user that the page can't be loaded, also some browsers want support scripting languages like java, some of these browsers can have plug-in added to help support different thing that the browser is lacking. NETSCAPE ONLY TAGS - blink - layer - keygen - multicol - nolayer - server - spacer INTERNET EXPLORER ONLY TAGS - bgsound - iframe - marquee INTERNET EXPLORER 4 HTML ONLY TAGS - col - colgroup - del - fieldset - ins - label - legend - q - tbody - tfoot - thead 2. THE DIFFERENCE IN SCREEN SIZE (RESOLUTION) A web page is affected by the resolution of a screen, if the page was designed on an 800 x 600 resolution and viewed on a 1024 x 768 the page would be stretched and large areas of empty space would be shown. And if it was design the over way round the page would have to be scrolled up and down as well as side ways. ...read more.


Also if there is a slow connection at the other end of your connection then the download will be at the slower speed. The main slow down in webpage viewing is images they are large files and if there a lot on the site the page will take a long time to load, also if the image is in the wrong format for website viewing such as BMP then the page will take even longer to load. 4. ADVANTAGES OF WEBSITES Website cover a huge amount of categories there is something for everyone, and these sites are designed to appeal to as certain type of user and keep them interested. * Information seekers: site for information seekers are usually use 2 or 3 colours with in the site these are background and text. The background is usually a dark shade (black, dark shade blue) and the text is usual a lighter colour (yellow, white). Two colours are used because it stops the eye being distracted from the information you are reading, the dark backgrounds stops large amounts of light being reflected back which after long periods of reading can strain the eye, the light colour for the text is to create a contract in the colours so it stand out more. ...read more.


The plans are refined and improved then put in to production when the site is complete it is reviewed then if necessary changed and then published, from then on the site is updated on a regular basis until the site is not needed any more. 6. STATISTICAL ANALYSIS The number of times a website can be found by using a counter this is shown on the webpage and shows the number of times that page has been opened, this is not very accurate as if you refresh a page it increases the counter. By adding a poll (vote) you can find out more useful information about the type of people that access the site this, the poll is a question with set answers that can be picked from then they are added to the results and shown as a percentage for each answer. Also a questioner could be used to get more information from the users of the site, this has a disadvantage of people don't like answering questionnaires. Also a guestbook can be used this provides quick messages from users of the site and can give use feed back on the uses view of the site and what they require. All of these statistics can be use to improve the information / product / service produced by companies or webmaster, also the information can be sold to companies for promotional use. ...read more.

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