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What are some of the factors that determine whether it is the CIO or CEO who makes decisions within an organization? When would the CIO make decisions and why?

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Name: JIN QI 210864 Assignment 3 Topic Three a. What are some of the factors that determine whether it is the CIO or CEO who makes decisions within an organization? When would the CIO make decisions and why? CIOs (Chief Information Officer) are senior executives responsible for all aspects of their information of company technology and systems. They direct the use of IT to support the company's goals (Magazine of CIO). With knowledge of both technology and business process and a cross-functional perspective, they are usually the managers most capable of aligning the organization's technology deployment strategy with its business strategy. CIOs various related services provided by the information systems department. CEOs are the executive who is responsible for a company's operations. In an organization that has a board of directors, the "chief executive officer" is usually the singular organizational position that is primarily responsible to carry out the strategic plans and policies as established by the board of directors. In a form of business that is usually without a board of directors, the "chief executive officer" is usually the singular organizational position, which sets the direction and oversees the operations of an organization. In an organization, CIO and CEO have their own responsibility to look after their job, but sometimes they need to make decision together. Not everybody think the same thing with others. So to determine whether the CIO or CEO to make decisions there are three factors that determine whether the CIO or CEO makes decisions with an organization. ...read more.


Because the CIOs have to manage the projects, resources, budgets, vendors and other business partners, they are required to be accomplished team builders, motivators, coaches and mentors, setting priorities, assigning the appropriate resources against priorities, and delivering on time and on budget. The CIO's opinion can affect the business directly. Those are all the situations the CIOs have to consider and make decisions. In an organization, successful CEOs and CIOs can make the company become more competitive and effective, this is required to build a good relationship between CEO and CIO. The communication is a good bridge between them, to discuss the strategy, an idea, a thought or a feeling in a clear and appropriate manner is an absolute must (CIO Magazine: what is a CIO?). Add in listening skills as well as strong abilities in negotiation, persuasion, and conflict solution (CIO magazine, the top 10 requirements of the CIO). Establishing and maintaining a strong understanding, rapport, bond and trust between individuals. b. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using groups to make decisions in organizations. How might Information Systems support group decision making? With today's business organizations have become more and more complex, the managers of the organizations have the responsibility to arrange making decisions, writing reports, attending the meetings and do ending year analysis. In recent decades, people at every level of organizations have become involved in decision making and problem solving through groups. The organizations like to spend time to use one or more groups' decision making because the organizations can get the good quality information to benefits their business, but at the same time it also have the negative impact. ...read more.


And it is interactive computer-based system to facilitate the solution to unstructured problems by a set of decision-makers working together as a group rather than individually (Landon & Landon). Group decision-support systems have hardware, software, and people components. So supporting group decision making can have meetings, use web-based meetings or video conferencing and group ware. Hardware components consist of the conference room facilities, including seating arrangements and computers and other electronic hardware. Software components include tools for organizing ideas, gathering information, ranking and setting priorities and documenting meeting sessions. People components include participants, a trained facilitator, and staff to support the hardware and software (Landon & Landon, p369). A GDSS helps the decision-makers of the organizations meeting together to arrive a t a decision more efficiently and is especially useful for increasing the productivity of meeting larger than four or five people. The GDSS contingent on the composition of the group, the task, tool selection and meeting support, and the organizational context of the meeting. The organizations can receive the benefits use the GDSS. GDSS are starting to take advantage of more accurate firm-wide data provided by enterprise systems and the new information technology infrastructure to support very fine-grained decisions for guiding the firm, coordinating work activities across the enterprise, and responding rapidly to changing markets and customers (Laudon& Laudon, p370). So large numbers of companies now are choosing the system to support their management decision making, to make right and effective decision it can lead organization to the right direction of their development, making the maximum profit for the business. 1 ...read more.

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