What does a BABS degree mean in today's job market?

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What does a BABS degree mean in today's job market? Britains industry and economy is constantly evolving and for one to succeed in their chosen business or management career, they'll need to keep pace with those changes. That's precisely why I feel that a BABS degree is particularly important/ useful in terms with today's job market. The BABS degree programme has been designed to be flexible enough to allow alterations in the course so that the most up to date information and technology can be introduced to keep track with today's rapidly changing environment. The skills learnt on a BABS course are applicable straightaway to ones future career, which means that while on the course one would be dealing with projects, case studies and assignments, often in groups, just as one would in the "real world".


Plus it helps to develop skills in business planning, seeing how research and management data system fit into the planing process. According to the Sunday Times journalist, Robert Price, "Tomorrow's managers need something extra. Employers expect graduates who join them as potential managers to have more them a degree. They also expect them to have the commercial awareness and personal skills to enable them to make a useful contribution from the start." I think this quote sums up all that a BABS degree has to offer not only does is prepare you in terms of business but also the personal skills which form a key role in any individual.


Of these 13% were in the marketing, sale and PR; 23% in the commercial, industrial and public sector; 7.5 in business and finance; almost 5% in It; and 18.5% in clerical and secretarial. These statistics, draw from What Do Graduates Do? 2001(Published by the Central Services Unit) are quite positive compared to other degree disciplines. However business has never been so popular. Last year in the UK slightly over 209,000 students took exams in business studies, this means that competition even amongst BABS graduate is even intense let alone all of the other subjects. And with the introduction of top up fees well mean that some university with a less rep will become devalued, while others will sore. Which means employers will favour some university more than other.

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