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What Gives Nike Its Competive Advantage?

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  • Essay length: 782 words
  • Submitted: 12/09/2005
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What Gives Nike Its Competive Advantage

In this assignment I will investigate what gives Nike its competive advantage, by this I mean the ability for Nike to attract and retain a strong customer base. All companies face fierce competion, I will examine how Nike fights in the market.

Companies try to keep their costs as low as possible, this is achieved by efficiency. If you train your workers they can become more efficient this would give you a competive advantage on price (see appendix 1). Companies try to give their product added value this can be done by for instance packaging the product so that it appeals to the customers and stands out from the crowd. A good reputation of a brand will help sell a product, if you put a well known brand on a product it will sell better than the same product with an unknown brand if they were sold side by side (see appendix 2). Once A new product has been relased for the product to sell well people have to know about it showing people a product is called marketing, this can be done by TV adverts this is a very expensive

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