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What is customer service?

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P4 What is customer service? Customer service is when an organisation will provide the customers with a service that is friendly and making the customers feel at home. By the organisation delivering this they will be able to gain and build their customer base and when they achieve this they will have to maintain and keep these customers because without the customers they will not be able to survive in the market. When it comes down to customer service it involves three different stages which are pre, during and post transactional. Pre Before the customers buy the product there are many things which are done so that when the customer does come they will be provided with a excellent customer service. An example of this is employees getting training before they start working with British airways. With any job that is face to face with the customers, the organisation will always provide the employee with a handbook which will include details on what they expect from they employee and how to sort out situations if the occur. In relation to BA they will always send out their employee on training so that when they are working for BA they will know what to do and ...read more.


Purchaser This is a customer that has bought a product of you once. From that customers coming to BA once then that is when BA will try there best to retain that customer again and again by providing the best customer service possible so that they can satisfy the customers need and hopefully retain that customer to travel with them on future flights. Clients This is someone that has done business with an organisation on a repeat basis but may be negative, or at best neutral, towards your organisation. BA will look at this client and will think how they can satisfy this customer so that their negative or neutral image of the organisation will change so that they are happy and pleased with the service. This will help BA because then that customer will tell all their family and friends to travel with BA as well. Supporter This is someone that supports your organisation but this is only passively. These customers are which BA want to push up higher in the ladder because this could help make there customer base bigger by word of mouth which is the quickest way of advertising. ...read more.


I would say they should be encouraging people to take the gold or silver membership and by making this rule it will not encourage the customer to upgrade. Customer service For any business customer service is very important but for BA it is even more important than that because they depend on the customers for the business to be a success and BA customer service is at a very high standard thanks to some great training that BA provide to produce employees that are well mannered and are very helpful making your journey with them easy. Thanks to that I would say that there customer service is at a high standard and would say they do not need to make any improvement here. Segmentation The way BA segment there market is done very well be segmenting different class people by offering tickets in different classes and if you are at a class like a-b the 1st class has been made for then and so on this is done very effectively because people find it better this way because they can afford tickets if they are not in a high class so making there target market even bigger. So it is done very well in my opinion. ...read more.

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