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What Type of Business would be successful in my Town?

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What Type of Business would be successful in my Town? My chosen business to run in my town would be a 'Delicatessen'. My town is Brentfood and I have chosen this because of a number of reasons. These reasons below show why I have chosen the 'Delicatessen' as my business to open. * The demand and the statistics show that there is a desire for food shops in Brentwood * This delicatessen would be the first quality delicatessen, purely devoted to selling high quality foods from across the continent. * The 'Delicatessen', although would be in competition with other food stores, it would be creating a new market niche. * Prices would be high but quality would be superb, attracting residents from the better parts of Brentwood and even Shenfield. ...read more.


Through knowing Brentwood, I know that a 'Delicatessen' would go down well because a lot of residents like to splash out on quality food or drink even though the prices are high. As there are also many restaurants around the area, expansion to catering would be a good idea as more custom would be made, especially if more people are tasting quality food on a larger scale. However, statistics show that although a 'Delicatessen' would be greatly desired by Brentwood customers, the 'type' graph, also researched in the 'Successful' report, shows that many private limited businesses dominate the whole of Brentwood, so competing with brand names for an area to start up in would be very difficult. ...read more.


Also customers and residents may not want another brand name in Brentwood, as there are already enough, and may find the 'Delicatessen' more attractive. Linking in with the 'demand' issue also comes the competition we may face. As research has been made, I know that the 'Delicatessen' would be the first in Brentwood. Not only that, but it would be completely different to any other food store, as I would be focusing on quality not pricing. This is different to other food stores, who are in huge competition with each other, all concentrating on giving the best quality they can get for the cheapest, knock-down prices. This quality would be no where near the quality that we would provide, but it would also offer a new range that perhaps 'Sainsbury's' or other food stores cannot offer. This means that I would be creating a 'New Market Niche'. ...read more.

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