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What would you do in this situation

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MG103 [Developing Management Skills] Assignment Question: Refer to page 142 of course text: Decision Dilemmas: Scenario 3. What would you do in this situation? The layout of answers should be in essay format University of the South Pacific Essay Outline Assignment Question 2. Refer to page 142 of course text: Decision Dilemmas: Scenario 3. What would you do in this situation? Answer the other 5 related questions given at the bottom of pg 142. The layout of answer should be in essay format. Introduction There will be one combined essay that will expand all answers that were listed below for every question for the reader to have easy access to all answers. Therefore, this essay outline will give some overview of the essay as a whole and what basic information that will be covered from the beginning to the end, concerning the questions that will be answered below. The introduction of the whole essay will show some information about the case study and what really happens with Evelyn's company as shown that important to consider. What are the significance of the case study to managerial decision making and the importance of self-awareness that still countered by nowadays managers while making and implementing different decisions. ...read more.


In addition, as the person who will be accountable to all this, it is my own responsibility as a manager to see that the company comes first. Therefore, my decisions will be in coordination with everything that is seen in the big picture that is for the company and the majority of the business workforce to survive and keep their jobs. It really a decision made in the best of confidence. Because of the above decisions, the principles or basic values for decision making used were basically includes Instrumental values of respect, contemplation, confidence and a terminal value of confidence. Instrumental values simply prescribe standards of conducts or methods for attaining an end. (James C, Graham A, and Humphrey A, 2005: pg 117) Therefore, for this instrumental value, respecting and allowing my own decision with confidence is important since it should be done or implemented for the organization's improvement. Terminal value then prescribes desirable ends or goals for the individual (James C, Graham A, and Humphrey A, 2005: pg 118). The terminal value of confidence is what valued the most since it is my own responsibility as a manager and therefore have to be confidence for it (the decision). ...read more.


(James C, Graham A, and Humphrey A, 2005: pg 136). Consequently, to conclude the essay, it quite clear that such a form of decision dilemma facing Evelyn was really a hard one to implement. It really shows the importance of self-awareness among managers and their employees. As mentioned by Phillip Massinger in The Bondman "He that would govern others must first master himself" - it shows that self awareness is very important in helping individuals to develop understandings of the differences in others. Due to the fast changing business environment that always faced by mangers, pleasing everyone in the organization is becoming an issue for the success of the business. Therefore, every decisions made shall be agreed to by all employees, and that all possible alternatives are also considered. Since the plant should be closed so that it could be able to catch up with competition with other firms, employees should be told first, so that they may understand and agree to the proposed decision. Certain values, cognitive styles, attitude toward change and interpersonal styles displayed in the essay are important forms of decision characteristics that important for every manager to consider when facing with any forms of decision dilemmas throughout their careers, in order to please their employees and their organization as a whole. ...read more.

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