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Which sources of knowledge - books, websites, the media, personal experience, authorities or some other – do you consider most trustworthy, and why?

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Theory of Knowledge Essay 10. Which sources of knowledge - books, websites, the media, personal experience, authorities or some other - do you consider most trustworthy, and why? Varying sources of knowledge will have varying degrees of accuracy and reliability. The accuracy of a source of knowledge will depend on the purpose that it has been written for and whether the author has any reason to be biased. In the end the overall trustworthiness of a source of knowledge will depend on these two factors. Publishers will only publish books that have quite high standards, as they will be looking to create a profit from publishing it if a book is not up to there standards they simply won't publish it as. Also books are written by professionals who specialize in that topic area that the book is being written in so you can expect that the overall accuracy of the information in the books to be quite high. These professionals will need to go through a publisher and have his writing edited. ...read more.


Because there is no way of telling who put the website up there is also no way of knowing whether the information is correct. The contents of the page have not been through publishers so there is no 'filter' in which standards can be kept. And once again there is always a risk that the web designer is biased. The accuracy and reliability of the media is very much dependent on who it is written/recorded/broadcasted by. Most newspapers, magazines and current affairs shows are mostly concerned with there ratings and subscription basis being as large as possible because by attracting television ratings or increasing the number of subscribers will in turn create more money for the company. As a result of this they will try to present the writing or the shows in the most interesting and attracting way, which pretty much reads as exaggerating and sensationalizing the actual events, in a bid to attract the most ratings and therefore the most money. This exaggeration will inevitably lead to a distortion of the truth. ...read more.


The reliability of the information will depend where that person has gotten their information from and wether there is anything to be gained by giving out false information. For example political parties who are running a campaign for an election will say bad things about the opposition by twisting truths and so on to get the results they want. Censorship of letters in wars also distorts the truth. The government will try and make themselves look as good as possible even if it means that its own soldiers take the blame for their own mistakes. So it can be seen that all the forms of knowledge listed have various strengths and flaws, some more then others, and there is no one form of knowledge that clearly stands out as the best. Each source of knowledge will be better suited in certain situations then another. To sum up there is no 'ultimate' source of knowledge that's is the most trustworthy as there are many different situations where one is more suitable then the other and it would be best to choose sources of knowledge based on the present situation ...read more.

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