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Why Are Confidentiality Policies Important In Care Work and Under What Circumstances Might Confidentiality Be Breached ?

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WHY ARE CONFIDENTIALITY POLICIES IMPORTANT IN CARE WORK AND UNDER WHAT CIRCUMSTANCES MIGHT CONFIDENTIALITY BE BREACHED ? Confidentiality arises when service uses keep information about themselves off the record and determine how recorded information about themselves is shared and used. Users of services can control information about themselves by refusing to disclose it at all and this is the most obvious way to do so. Whatever service it is, there will be always a minimum amount of information which the client has to disclose as a condition for receiving the service, hence would- be users of services don't have a real choice about keeping information. However confidentiality policies are important in carework. Most records in health and care are made with a view to the information being shared. This is so that continuity of care is not vulnerable to individual practitioners becoming sick, going on holiday or changing their jobs. Records are an important facility for co-ordinating care. However sharing the information in records raises issues about whom the information should be shared with, what they may or may not do with, and what rights clients have to know how and with whom information about themselves is likely to be shared. ...read more.


Regarding the sort of information which might be obtained from and recorded about a service user we can take the Deanna Egan situation where she took offence about an assessment queries. Given that central government allocates finances to social services departments on the assumption that they will raise income from charging for services such as this, and that charges should be levied according to ability to pay, it does seem as if the council needs to have this information if it is likely to levy charges in the future. Another example for the need of information is the case of the blind and physically disabled woman who said to be shocked by 'insulting and personal' questions used in her reassessment for her place at a rehabilitation day centre. Given that this is a rehabilitation centre whose task is to help users to improve their daily living skills, it does seem important that staff know what users can do, and how much their abilities change over time. Asking service users for their views on this seems rather better than staff recording such matters without asking. Recording of information allows for continuity of care and since this is publicly funded service, it has to be accountable for providing appropriate services to people who have a need for them and benefit from them. ...read more.


and social care are usually regarded by the civil courts as having a "duty of confidentiality" and may be sued if confidentiality is breached.However the courts may also regard those worker as having a duty to warn and a duty to protect when the safety of a third party is involved. A general consideration is always this question, " will more harm be done by maintaining confidentiality than by breaching it?". We learned that for any health or social care service there will be a minimum of information clients are required to disclose as a condition for receiving the service. Hence a would-be service user has no real choice about disclosure. There are different circumstances where it might be appropriate to override considera- tions of confidentiality. Through the Deanna Egan case we saw information being recorded by the council on a strictly "need to know" basis.It seems that the best practice is always to make efforts to explain to service users what information collected about them will be used for, and with whom it is likely to be shared.However, Health Services are frequently presented with dilemmas in trying to balance the right of individuals to have Their affairs kept private. ?? ?? ?? ?? Jamal Ruhomaun PIN: R7600706 TMA06 ...read more.

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