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Why was the leaflet designed in such a manner?

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Why was the leaflet designed in such a manner? o All of the information on the leaflet has been designed in such a manner so that it is easy to read and retains the readers' attention. The information has been well-spaced, condensed into a few lines so that there is not an over-indulgence in unnecessary details and bullet points have been used to condense the information and present it readable chunks, so that the target audience remains interested and are not forced to read a heavy text. o Direct language is featured in the leaflet (e.g. "You" and "Are you Magistrate Material?) to address the reader and engage their attention. Rhetorical questions have also been used for the same purpose. Rhetorical questions introduce each individual section and keep the readers attention focused on the question that is relevant in the specific section. o The language used is plain and simple to appeal to the wide target audience and if the information became over-technical it would lose the readers attention. ...read more.


o The white outline, on which, the text is placed on makes the black of the main body of the text stand out. o Quotes from magistrates have also been used in the middle and back sections of the leaflet. This is effective as it adds a personal touch, thus, is more appealing to the reader. The target audience is also appealed to as many of the people who are featured in the quotations are from ethnic minorities. The front cover o The front cover has been designed in a manner to attract the target audience to the leaflet. The use of the rhetorical question "Are You Magistrate Material" is though provoking and immediately grabs the readers' attention and encourages them to continue reading. o The caption at the bottom of the page "Promoting cultural diversity within the magistracy" immediately addresses the target audience and focuses on their needs. Bearing in mind that an average person will only look at a leaflet for a few minutes, this is very important as the information and the purpose of the leaflet comes across clearly and immediately on the front cover. ...read more.


o Three tables have been used on the left hand side of the middle section to emphasis the lack of ethnic minorities in the magistracy. The use of the table has enabled the information to be presented in an easy to read manner. The stats have also been specifically related to the Exeter and Devon County, where this leaflet is being featured. o The section is not over-cluttered and only a few pictures feature in the section, so that the reader is not detracted from the importance of the text.(Note: The pictures which are featured are of balancing scales which emphasis the important decisions which magistrates have to balance up and make every day.) The back section o The back section features a number of quotes from magistrates (see above) o The section is clear and does not contain a great deal of information but it contains the necessary information which is needed if one is thinking about becoming a magistrate. ...read more.

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