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With reference to Google and/or other business you have studied to what extent does the culture of the business determine its ability to maintain competitiveness?

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Exam Question: Employees at Google enjoy a creative, relaxed and innovative culture. The open offices, informal structure and entrepreneurial culture help to create a fun working environment. With reference to Google and/or other business you have studied to what extent does the culture of the business determine its ability to maintain competitiveness? (40 marks) A culture of a business is the value attitudes and beliefs of the people working an organisation that controls the way they interacted with each other and with external stakeholders groups. I believe a strong business culture can help maintain a company competitiveness. As a business culture can act as a support for a company brand image and reputation. For example, Body Shop had a distant ethical culture which supported the business brand image and relationship with customers. ...read more.


For example, Google have an entrepreneurial culture, this encourages staff to take risk and come up with new ideas. This allows Google to be innovative and competitive as they are consistently investing in new business ventures. However, Microsoft uses a power culture this is when a business concentrate power among only a few people, yet Microsoft is still able to maintain competitiveness. This shows that the culture of a business does not affect its competitiveness. As Google and Microsoft have very different cultures and compete in the same market yet both achieve similar levels of competitiveness. This implies that other factors must affect a business competitiveness. Such as, the market condition, economic condition and competitors. Woolworth failed due to the recession as this overpowered the culture of the business. ...read more.


Improving a company culture and employees experience at work will in turn improve a business profitability and competitiveness. In addition by having a culture that complements your business brand image will enhance it USP allowing it to be more competitiveness as it standout to consumers as unique. Nevertheless, culture cannot solely determine its ability to maintain competitiveness a business has to consider external factors too. Such as the market condition, economic condition and competitors. Many businesses have not been able to be competitive or survive in the recent recession such as, Woolworth and HMV as they weren't getting enough sales to cover their cost. In addition stores like Habitat were not able to compete with cheaper competitors like IKEA forcing them into liquidation. This shows that a business culture does not in isolation determine it ablity to maintain competitive. ?? ?? ?? ?? Gaby Katten ...read more.

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