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Within this task I am going to produce data that is going to be included in a job information pack, as part of an advertisement campaign for a new post with a company that my supervisor has asked to to work on.

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Unit 20: Managing Physical Resources (P3) Within this task I am going to produce data that is going to be included in a job information pack, as part of an advertisement campaign for a new post with a company that my supervisor has asked to to work on. The main factor that I am going to include is: * The key features of legislation, including Health and Safety, which effects the management of resources. It is important for employers to be aware that they have a responsibility for the health and safety of their employees. They are also responsible for any visitors to their premises such as customers, suppliers and and general public. Employers can help ensure of the health and safety of these people through conducting a risk assessment. A risk assessment can be defined as 'identifying a potential risk'. Employers have a 'duty of care' to ensure as much as possible of the health and safety of people involved with the business. Often an employer will appoint specific person to deal with risk assessments within the business that is trained within health and safety. This is highly recommended for a business to use as it is known to significantly decrease the risk of problems regarding health and safety within a company. This is because by analysing and then identifying potential risks, then strategies can be used in order to combat these potential risks so as an employer completes their duty of care for the people involved in the business. ...read more.


This meaning of this law is shown below. C ONTROL O F S UBSTANCES H AZADOUS H EALTH An employer will be able to prevent employees exposure to these substances by: * Identifying the health hazards. * Creating a risk assessment. * Provide training to employees to understand these substances. * Provide training to employees so they know how to deal with an accident involving these substances. * Planning for emergencies. There are often chemicals and substances within a workplace that are hazardous to employees healthy, and through using 'COSHH' then the chance of employees having an injury that is related to chemicals or substances in the workplace is significantly reduced. This is on the assumption that the employer takes into consideration the points stated above. Most businesses use substances, or products that are mixtures of substances. Some create substances that could cause harm to employees and people within the workplace. Sometimes substances are easily recognised as harmful such as paint, bleach or dust from natural materials may also be harmful. The company itself would be responsible for carrying out the procedure above and any equipment necessary to ensure the employees and people within the workplace are not effected by hazardous substances. The necessary equipment needed to ensure this will also need to be maintained by the company itself. Fire Precaution Act 1971 This legislation deals with factors including: * The detection process and giving a warning in case of a fire. ...read more.


Certain factors can be used to judge whether there is a problem with noise in a workplace. These factors are shown below: * Whether employees have to raise their voice to carry out a normal conversation from about two metres apart. * Whether employees use noisy powered tools or machinery for more than half an hour a day. * If there are noises due to impacts, such as hammering. The purpose of this act is to ensure of the health and safety of people within a business in regards to the noise in the workplace. The resource manager will have to purchase the necessary equipment to measure to decibel level in the premises so that the right precautions can be carried out if they do in fact reach a certain level. For example, if the noise in the workplace does exceed 85 decibels then it means that the resource manager will have to purchase the necessary equipment to ensure that the hearing safety of people with the premises are ensured. Equipment that would usually be used are ear plugs, which primarily cut out exterior noise pollution, and allow the person to hear people from a close range. Conclusion In summary, a resource manager will have to take into account certain legislations and factors so that the health and safety of people involved within a company, such as employees and customers are ensured. This may mean that they will have to purchase equipment and use training to have be able to do so. ...read more.

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