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Would a sports construction company be successful across South-East England?

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Would a sports construction company be successful across South-East England? Introduction I have been asked to identify, study and analyse a business opportunity or idea in a local context. The section of business I have chosen to follow is in the construction business; construction of sports surfaces and tennis courts across South-East England. First Ideas Originally my first thoughts of starting up a business were way off construction. I first wanted to create a business which involves making of websites for businesses across Great Britain. The reason I changed my mind is for many reasons. One of the main reasons was because have a website making company, you cannot base yourself in one particular area as the market has a wider range for a company. With this information I then decided that I did not want to start a website building company as more detail would be needed to successfully establish a business of such type and I had never the information or materials provided to do such a thing. After more thought, I then decided that I would create a business based in South-East England which was more locally based and which market is not increasingly growing very rapidly. My aim of this construction company is to make sure I provided customers with as many optional designs of sports surfaces and with short-term to long-term objectives: Short Term Objectives: > To produce advertisement schemes, acquire licenses, pay back bank loans > To survive and break even Medium Term Objectives: > Experiments to boost sales, become respected and well known, keep business financially secure > To expand to a public limited company and widen the range of services Long Term Objectives: > Expand the business, become well established, maybe merge with another well established business The Plan I want to create a business with consists of a main head office which has several computers and secretaries. ...read more.


I took down the number and then spoke to the owner himself, Simon Wells, and booked an interview date. When I arrived I soon noticed how a construction company layout of an office is used. How it was set out and what equipment and furniture I would need. We went through to a private room where I then interviewed Simon. Here is a list of the questions I asked him and brief notes on his answers: What inspired you to create a construction business in which involves sport surfaces in particular? - Simon described a brief history of how he came to be the owner of his own business. He said how he had worked for a construction company before which also produced sports surfaces and how he did not like the fact of working for someone else. With his knowledge then went onto creating his own business. Did you create a business plan before you did anything else when forming the business? - Simon had said that he had what he needed to do in mind and so did not get round to making a business plan. How did you decide the name of the company? Did it involve asking around or any research at all? - Simon said that it had to do with the actual meaning of the company and what it does. He also said that he wanted it to be something to do where the company was based, like a town name of something. In the end, he decided to call it Essex Tennis Courts. After a few years he then merged with another company and then renamed the business to E.T.C Sports. Did you do any market research into the construction market or did you just want to create a construction company? - Simon described how he had a lot of experience with the construction market and therefore didn't do any research into the market before deciding on whether or not he wanted to create the business. ...read more.


Employees After a while of thinking, and after speaking to Simon Wells, I decided on a reasonable amount of employees. I felt this would make a good workforce: * 2 - Secretaries * 3 - Sub-Contractor * 3 - Workers per contractor * 1 - Contracts Manager This was also my original idea but this time I have more information on each one. One of the secretaries will deal with the accounts and other little things and the other will deal with the customers and arrange the jobs and checks. The contracts manager will deal with the workers, paying their wages and arranging with the sub-contractors where each worker will have to go. He will also be pricing up jobs and will be like an assistant manager within the company. Here is a list of what would be their weekly wage: Secretaries: �250 Sub-Contractor: �1200 Contracts Manager: �350 It is then up to the Sub-Contractors to pay their workers as much as they want. If they should acquire another worker then more money will be given to them. Recruitment Policy When recruiting new secretaries or any other employee to the company, an interview must be made by me first before any further judgement or action. Adverts will be posted in local newspapers, leaflets, yellow pages, etc if we were to need certain members for a particular job. Advertisement To get the company started, advertisement is going to be needed. Our main scheme will be with the yellow pages. After speaking with Simon Wells, I feel it is the right way to go as it seems to attract a lot of attention. Advertisement on yell.com also is very cheap and good. It costs just from �100 a year on both yell.com and the yellow pages. This is definitely something I will do when the business is up and running. ?? ?? ?? ?? Bradley Wells - Business Coursework Would a sports construction company be successful based across South-East England? ...read more.

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