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Write a report on how to set up a newsagents business.

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Introduction I am going to write a report on how to set up a newsagents business I have 50 thousand pounds to invest into this business. I will use my knowledge and also business theory to help set up my business. The reason I am setting up this newsagents business is because running a newsagent is often a community service. Most newsagents not only sell newspapers, magazines, confectionary, drinks and tobacco, but also stock books, fresh produce, such as sandwiches, and toiletries or medical products. Many newsagents find that it is worthwhile retailing other products such as phone cards, and offering alternative services, such as the lottery, to increase revenue and to compete in an increasingly fierce market. This report looks at the issues involved in starting up and running an independent newsagent shop. Who is my market? Many of my customers will become regulars. Others will be passing trade. Types of customers are likely to be children and teenagers who mostly would buy confectionary and magazines such as chocolate sweets and teenaged magazines. My other customers would be elderly people who would mostly buy the local and regional newspaper. Elderly people treat their daily visit to the newsagent as a social outing. Other people would be such people travelling to work who pick up a newspaper to read on the bus or train I could exploit this customer base as my business is near a bus stop. My other customers will be people who drive to work so in this case they will not be able to read the newspaper ...read more.


passport, birth certificate. The two shop assistants (aged over 18) I l will be needing the rates for them will be �4.50 an hour with a five hour shift Monday -Saturday and on Sundays 30 hours a week the two shop assistants will take the Sunday shift in turns. The shop assistants wages will be �135 per week and �540 per month and � 6480 Per year (without Sundays). With Sundays the wages will be �195 per week and �780 per month and �9360 per year. But because the Sundays will be taken in turns it will come up to �660 per month and �7920 per year this figure is what the shop assistants will be earning. The communication between my workers and me will be informal because this is a way motivating my workers and make them feel as if everyone is equal but l will want full respect of my authority Shop assistants application form Section 1: regarding the position Today's date: Position being applied for: Date available to start: Interview availably: Section 2: Personal details First name: Last name: Contact Tel. No. DOB: National insurance number: * Applicants must be aged 16 or above Address (include post code) EU Resident (please select one option): Yes ?No ???? If no, work permit number or employment status details: Section 3:education and training Secondary school: From: To: Grades/Results: College/ university: From: To: To: To: Grade/Results: Section 4: Employment history Note: show most recent or current job first Company name: b From: To: Company address include (post code): Reason for leaving: Position: Salary: ...read more.


how well the company is doing this will motivate them in that the company is doing well and they don't have to have no worries about their jobs safety This will keep on making the workers motivated in saying that the company is doing well because of them and will keep on working harder to keep the company up. 5. Physiological To make my workers even motivated I have gave them a decent salary in which they can afford the basic wants such as food, water, shelter, clothing and wants so they can afford pretty much everything. I will takes these points and ensure that my workers are always motivated to work because of these points Hertzberg's The hygiene factors Motivating Factors Demotivating or hygiene Sense of achievement Pay Chance of promotion Working Conditions Responsibility Company rules and policy Nature of the job itself Fear of redundancy Recognition by management Treatment at work Personal development Feelings of inadequacy I will always make sure that I will always motivate my workers by Maslow's Hierarchy of needs. But the only demotivating way that it is in hygiene workers can be demotivated because of work by bad working conditions. So to insure this I will always have clean premises have good pay and treat my workers with kindness and respect. Not this applies to how the manager treats all of his workers I accept all the other employees to treat others as the same. Theory X Theory Y Workers are motivated by money Workers are motivated by many needs Workers are lazy and dislike work ...read more.

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