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Write an essay describing the promotional mix used by LOreal and Compare the Market for their products and services and discuss the effect it has on their sales or on creating a company profile.

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Write an essay describing the promotional mix used by L'Oreal and Compare the Market for their products and services and discuss the effect it has on their sales or on creating a company profile. (P1) Tip: Apply to the organisations; the communication model, AIDA, and the reasons for mix selection i.e. target market, budget and timing requirements. Promotion refers to any marketing activities that are intended to inform, persuade or motivate current and potential customers into buying or supporting a product or service. So as a result of this the promotional mix is a combination of promotional methods used to communicate with target customers. The promotional mix is split up into eight main methods of promotion, these methods are; 1. Using the corporate image. 2. Public relations. 3. Personal selling. 4. Advertising. 5. Exhibitions. 6. Sponsorships. 7. Direct marketing. 8. Sales promotion. The first method I am going to look into for the promotional mix is 'Using the corporate image'. This is when a company uses promotion through the reputation of their business. This can either be through either the company being very profitable or even being a green business that cares for the environment. ...read more.


The way L'Oreal gets the interest of its customers or its potential customers is by sales promotion. L'Oreal uses sales promotion on some of its products to get the customers attention of the product, this is sometimes used by using buy one get one free. L'Oreal mainly use sale promotion when a new product is launched so that the reputation of that product rises and customers become more aware of it, so as a result of this it gains the interest of the customers or potential customers. The way L'Oreal gains the desire of its customers or its potential customers is by advertising. L'Oreal uses advertising to gain the desire of the customer for the products that they are trying to sell, such as the L'Oreal advert for men's deodorant staring Eric Cantona, by seeing a celebrity using the product customers or potential customers instantly want it because it is being used by a celebrity and is deemed good to have. The way L'Oreal gets the action off the customers is by direct marketing. L'Oreal uses direct marketing to customers by sending them newsletters telling them personally about products that suits them by seeing what products they have bought before in the past that relates to the products they are trying to sell. ...read more.


The way that Compare the Market gets the action of the customers or its potential customers is by people going on the webpage. Once there on the page and filled out their details and realise how cheap some of the insurance quotes are then they are more likely to make a purchase as it is so simple. The way that Compare the Market creates an appropriate mix is by splitting up the mix into different categories, these are; * Short term and Long term goals - the short term goal for Compare the Market is to get the reputation up of the website. The long term goal for Compare the Market is to be the market leader in this market. * Target market and exposure to the media - the target market for Compare the Market is between the ages of 17-80 both men and women. * Type of market - Compare the Market is in the insurance market. * Changing market conditions - in the recession a lot of car insurance companies decided to promote offers such as purchase a year car insurance and get the first two months free, as a result of this Compare the Market are able to market these deals. ?? ?? ?? ?? Tom Ward Unit 9 - Creative Product Promotion Diana Phillips Page 1 ...read more.

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