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written and electronic methods with a justification used for communication

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Purpose Method used Receiver Justification of method Setting tasks Bullet pointed tasks written down, and a Face to face explanation staff From firstly writing the tasks down the employee has got a record and can organise her/his day and not forget anything. From having a face to face discussion it will the manager/boss will explain exactly what they want done so no mistakes are made. ...read more.


The product details will need to recorded clearly so the employee will know exactly what to order and avoid mistakes. Customers details will also need to recorded to inform them of whats happening. Offering a job Phone call candidate A phonecall is a good way to congratulate the candidate of getting the job, because they will know that they got the message and they can arrange between themselves straight away what day will be good to come in or when to star etc. ...read more.


the manager goes through them well by showing/demonstrating it will be easier for some people to take them into account instead of just giving them a handout. A handout is a good idea if theres a lot so they can always remind themselves etc. Rejecting unsuccessful candiates from a job application letter candidate A formal letter informing candidate was not successful is humane as its letting the candidate where they stand after a interview instead of leaving them hanging. ...read more.

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