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You are required to make use of at least two fact-finding techniques that you have been taught to investigate, gather and document business requirements (analysis) using only one of the following contexts.

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SYSTEMS ANALYSIS PROJECT HAIRDRESSING SALON CARLOS ALBERTO MONTOYA HNC SOFTWARE ENGINEERING (FAST TRACK). LECTURER: Olusola Fatiregun TABLE OF CONTENTS TABLE OF CONTENTS - 2 - ASSIGNMENT - 3 - THE SYSTEMS LIFE CYCLES - 6 - ANALYSIS SPECIFICATION AND SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS - 9 - FACT FINDING TECHNIQUES - 9 - PROBLEMS IN THE PRESENT SYSTEM 12 THE FEASIBILITY OF A COMPUTER BASED SYSTEM 14 ENTITY RELATIONSHIP DIAGRAMS - CONCEPTUAL MODEL 16 ENTITY RELATIONSHIP DIAGRAM - LOGICAL MODEL 17 DATABASE SCHEME 18 DATA DICTIONARY 21 IMPLEMENTATION 25 THE TABLES 25 CUSTOMER_ID 26 SERVICES TABLE 27 SUPPLIERS TABLE 29 RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN THE TABLES 30 QUERIES 31 PROTOTYPES OF USER INTERFACE 32 EVALUATION 36 REFERENCES 37 ASSIGNMENT Systems Analysis Coursework Specification Learning Outcomes To achieve this unit student will be able to: 1. Compare different Lifecycle Models 2. Perform a system investigation 3. Perform functional and data modelling Part 1 You are required to make use of at least two fact-finding techniques that you have been taught to investigate, gather and document business requirements (analysis) using only one of the following contexts: 1. A database system for storing details of customers, staff, products/services for a small-scaled barbershop/hairdressing salon. The database should enable you to record prices of products/services available in terms of hairstyles. 2. A database system for storing details of customers, staff (drivers and controllers), products/services for a small-scaled mini-cab office running a shift system. The database should enable you to record details of staff allocated to shifts and charges applicable to customers per mileage. You may assume that this cab office keeps its customers on account. 3. A database system for storing details of customers, staff and products/services for a small-scaled pub. The database should enable you to record prices of at most five varieties of products/services available in the pub. You should assume that this pub keeps details of its regular customers. 4. ...read more.


are the same with the same answer, but I am getting the point of view of the manager and the point of view of members of the staff. When I was observing around the salon I saw that it was going to be very difficult to get the customer information as the salon is quite small and there is not space for someone standing around asking questions to the customer, so I came with the idea of introducing to Mr Alberto a collection form as the one below. Data collection form: FIRST NAME: LAST NAME: D.O.B: FULL POSTAL ADDRESS: HOME TELEPHONE NUMBER: WORK TELEPHONE NUMBER: MOBILE NUMBER: HOW DID YOU HEAR ABOUT US? The first seven questions are closed questions, as they have no alternate answer. I put these in as they are needed to store information into the system. 'How did you hear about us?' This is an open question as a wide number of answers can be given. This should be asked so they can find out the main places where people are finding out about them. The system must include the following features: It must have the ability to add new information, edit/amend information and delete information. In addition, it must have the facility to implement efficient searches-specific searches by membership number, by name etc. The system should make the best use of storage facilities giving easy Access to relevant data for each employee. Finally, the system has to be a user friendly. THE FEASIBILITY OF A COMPUTER BASED SYSTEM The are many advantages of using a compurized system for the hairdressing salon Ellos y Ellas they are: The files can be backed up, if the computer is affect by a virus or the system craches or if there is a fire, then no all files will be lost . It could be update or change more easily. The files could be found more easily. ...read more.


Figure 1.1 will be the main menu, probably a couple of changes after the design has been finish but this is the basic idea. Fig 1.1 Figure 1.2 will show the user all the customers but depending on which member of staff has attended them before and the form is call customer by staff. Fig 1.2 Figure 1.3 will show the products existing and new products and at the same time, the company that supplies those products that may come into the store the form is call products. Fig 1.3 Figure 1.4 will show the services that each customer requires and them the will be save on the database as a way to keep record of all the customers, this form will be called services. Fig 1.4 Figure 1.5 shows the new customers form, the new customer information will be enter base on which member of staff the customer wants to be seen by. Fig 1.5 Figure 1.6 will allow the user to enter details of any new member of staff that may start working on the future. Fig 1.6 Figure 1.7 will show the form to enter any new supplier that the shop could start using on the future. Fig 1.7 EVALUATION So far my design seems to work well, maybe I would change a couple of things like putting the date and time on the all the forms. I would also start to do it a little bit sooner and that would leave me more time to look over it several times and spot any error on the program. I got the feeling that something is no working right on the database but I haven't been able to find out what that is apart from that I am very happy with the fact findings techniques I used. But there are a lot of thing that I need to work on a little be harder. ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our AS and A Level ICT in Business section.

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