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You have been asked by your line manager to produce a report on the information policy of your organisation, indicating areas of weakness and strength, and with suggestions on how to improve it to the benefit of your organisation.

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Janine Caslin BUSIM2012 You have been asked by your line manager to produce a report on the information policy of your organisation, indicating areas of weakness and strength, and with suggestions on how to improve it to the benefit of your organisation. Introduction An Information Policy is the transformation of data to information, knowledge and wisdom involving and applying certain activities to it (compression, selection etc.) in a given set of circumstances towards a particular goal. Therefore information policy becomes not just compressed data, but data compressed for a purpose; the information has to have context for it to become useful. According to Bawden effective information policy is complex, not concerned with technical solutions and dependant upon an appreciation of the meaning and significance of knowledge in its context. Consider the writings of Sandra Braman, one of the most influential and consistent authors on information policy. She identified the main factors that differentiate information policies from other policies. Information policy is unique as it is a relatively 'new area of policy concern; it involves an unusually large number of diverse groups of players.' Braman also argues that 'decisions about information can have an enormous impact on events and policies in other area's- the reverse is true to a much lesser extent.' Finally she identifies that 'information does not fit into the traditional categories employed by policy analysts; and information policies made at very different levels of the political and social structure, from the local to the global, are remarkably interdependent.' ...read more.


that have will contribute to the lifelong record of a patient's health and healthcare-the Electronic Health Record. Through these electronic records, patients have access to reliable information to improve their knowledge and involvement in their own treatment and care. Healthcare professional, have rapid access to individuals medical history and current condition to enable them to provide the highest quality care when and where it is needed. Health manager s and planners have ready access to aggregate information to improve analysis and decision-making. Online information is available through NHS Direct for individual to access on healthy eating, illnesses, conditions and treatment with interactive healthcare. People can navigate the maze of health and care information through the development of consistent information and services with easy access from their homes or work. NHS Direct provides a one-stop gateway to give people more choice without about accessing the NHS, accessing out of hours treatment without actually visiting a GP's practice. The NHS direct nurse advises on all major issues to do with health. They advise on care at home, visiting the local pharmist, making a routine appointment, arranging for an emergency consultation, calling an ambulance or getting social services support. A structured sight search and email facilities aid individuals in solving their problems. The NHS Direct staff finds out their information by a range of on-line databases and by a wide range of links to health services and other specialist help lines in case an individual chooses to have a referral. ...read more.


Hopefully there will be many more strengths to come from the plan but as it remains in place and still ongoing, the outcome will be determined if it reaches the objectives it set for 2004. The NHS plan highlighted certain aspects of the use of information and IT in the delivery of care and services. Information is not shared and investigations are often repeated. There are often major delays and the performance has been inhibited by the lack of reliable information for clinicians, managers and patients. Confidentiality and security issues with the potential issues on the use of information can become an issue if the right protocols and procedures are not put in place. The emergence of new media such as digital TV could create new problems of access. It is important that the strategies for providing public information on health and health services take accounts of those sections of society that don't have access to technology. Information must be open to all ages and section of society. Conclusion The NHS has had many problems and contentious issues to overcome throughout its existence. Throughout the decades, every government has had the task of tackling the issues within the NHS. Each government has had its individual successes but no one has changed the public perception and made them believe in their NHS system. Hopefully with the NHS plan that the present government has introduced, it will bring about a new era for the NHS by successfully implementing the objectives that it set out. Only time will tell whether the NHS can become success with its information policy. ...read more.

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