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A study of the play Antigone

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  • Essay length: 711 words
  • Submitted: 26/08/2005
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AS and A Level Classics

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For the whole of last week we studied Antigone, written by Sophocles. However, we used the version adapted by Jean Anouilh because it linkes to Anne Frank, previously studied by us too. Antigone is a Greek Tragedy and the version we looked at, questioned the whole idea of the society manipulating people and the German authority.

The play is set in Thebes, as in the two versions, and stuck to the same themes also found in Cyrano de Bergerac, also studied by our class. These themes were that her inner self could never change, linking to Cyrano's inner and outer beauty themes. We could see that when she was all full of blood and hurt but still called herself a queen. There is also "values and virtues" being explored for it shows Antigone that she hangs on to what she thinks it is right undependent of the consequences, like the death she faced.

In the Anouilh version, a monologue is introduced giving to the audience an overview of the play because Greek Tragedies take place in only one day. The audience then is placed in the stoyry by this monologue for it

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