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A study of the play Antigone

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Antigone For the whole of last week we studied Antigone, written by Sophocles. However, we used the version adapted by Jean Anouilh because it linkes to Anne Frank, previously studied by us too. Antigone is a Greek Tragedy and the version we looked at, questioned the whole idea of the society manipulating people and the German authority. The play is set in Thebes, as in the two versions, and stuck to the same themes also found in Cyrano de Bergerac, also studied by our class. These themes were that her inner self could never change, linking to Cyrano's inner and outer beauty themes. We could see that when she was all full of blood and hurt but still called herself a queen.


The fact the language is simpler and adapted to our times, the characters turn to be much more realistic for us and understandable than if the words were like the stricktness and confusingness of the real Antigone version. In class, we had to then act a scene that included the following themes of Greek Theatre: loyalty, obedience, oppression, freedom. And the following elements of drama: sound or percussion, offstage voice, direct address to the audience, chorus. Our group came up with a plot that took place in a hospital. In the middle of the stage, to show importance and focus, was a chair or bed where a man sat. He was very old and dieing. His daughter comes in and the father, who discovered she sold her body to pay for his treatment, began to argue trying to convince her to stop that for he would rather die instead.


However, due to his death, she eventually did for there was no longer a treatement for her to pay for. Opression and freedom was seen in the father. Opression when he saw himself lost for having to die for his daughter to leave to a better condition and in his death too was the freedom and relief of the father for no longer suffering and for the daughter no having to do that anymore. At last, we all enjoyed a lot working with Greek Theatre and saw how they thought about in those times so differently than us, however both always lead by what society imposes and makes up our opinions. It was interestiong to how all worked out and people worked and understood well all the points of Antigone, even though our presentation ended up slightly consufing because of lack of time. Overall, it was a very pleasant experience. Isabela Costa

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