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Abandoned and Redeemed: Comparing the works of Ibsen and Sophocles

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Abandoned and Redeemed Jeremy Sutton World Literature Mrs. Eutsler 4/16/06 1,226 words In the works of Ibsen and those of Sophocles, certain aspects of the works represent a large part of the story. Those aspects are some times abandoned, forgotten, or mistreated, and then redeemed and reestablished later on in the play. There are a few aspects in the plays The Cherry Orchard and Oedipus the King that follow this trend. These aspects are usually essential objects or themes of the play, and are abandoned either the characters of the play or by the author. These aspects are vital in the play, and help build the plot line and emphasize the narrative. Another aspect necessary to analyze is the theme of victimization by society, or by an individual. This is how the society or individual condemned the object in the play. In the play Oedipus the King, the largest aspect of the story that had to do with desertion and redemption was the life of Oedipus himself, including his childhood. Oedipus's parents were Laius and Jocasta. As a newborn baby, Oedipus was thrown out of the house of Laius because of a prophecy that proclaimed Oedipus to be his father's murderer and his mother's lover. ...read more.


Society had greatly saddened, and he realized he was under a wicked illusion for his entire life. "People of Thebes, my countrymen, look on Oedipus. He solved the famous riddle with his brilliance, he rose to power, a man beyond all power. Who could behold his greatness without envy? Now what a black sea of terror has overwhelmed him. Now as we keep our watch and wait the final day, count no man happy till he dies, free of pain at last." (Oedipus the King, 1678-1684) This quote emphasizes the point of victimization by society, and the theme of abandonment. Society helped him rise to power, but it also allowed him to discover the horror of the truth, the terrible details of society. It tricked him, placed him under a great illusion, and finally ruined him. In the play The Cherry Orchard, it is a thing rather than a person that is abandoned and later redeemed. The cherry orchard represented the beloved past, the past belonging to Ranevsky Lyubov and her companions. Lyubov was the owner of the estate, the cherry orchard belonging to that same estate. ...read more.


The cherry orchard, made to uplift the soul of anyone who lays eyes upon it, was neglected by its owner, and no longer emitted its inspiring aura. The cherry orchard, other than representing the past, also represented nature. Nature brightened up the spirit and enlightened the gloomy surroundings. That source of contentment faded when the orchard was abandoned, victim of Lyubov. In both plays, there were aspects of abandon and redemption, victimization, and vital themes. In Oedipus the King, Oedipus happened to be the one that was abandoned by his mother, and then grew up to be one of the most respectable and powerful leaders of that setting location. He was victimized by society when society betrayed him, finally uplifting the illusion that it had placed on Oedipus. Oedipus was so ashamed and disheartened that he blinded and exiled himself. In The Cherry Orchard, the cherry orchard itself was the object that was abandoned by the owner, and then reestablished several years later. It was victimized by Lyubov when she abandoned the orchard and moved away, neglecting the properties of pleasure that the orchard provided. These themes and ideas are very important to both plays, and offer a greater feel for the storyline. ...read more.

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