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Antigone role play analysis

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Antigone Role Play I decided to study Tessa and Emily's performance of Antigone and Ismene, from line 46 to line 63. Tessa was playing 'Antigone' and Emily played 'Ismene'. They gave a very strong first performance, and clearly defined their characters by varying their vocals. Emily managed to turn 'Ismene' into a very patronising, irritating girl. This showed 'Ismene's' role as the older sister who seemed to look down on her younger sister, 'Antigone' very clearly. I think this worked well because it also showed how afraid and pathetic 'Ismene' was. You could tell from the quavering tone of Emily's voice that she defiantly you her status in life, that being below all the men as a woman. Emily also showed how feeble 'Ismene' was by staying sat down on her seat for the entire performance. ...read more.


As 'Antigone' was a very strong person she probably got angry instead of showing how upset she was with 'Ismene'. Another way that Tessa showed 'Antigone's' feelings was by determinedly striding about the stage. After watching the performance, the forum made some suggestions. They said that as Emily only had a few lines to say, she should make more of them. For example, they wanted her to emphasize the word 'have' in the sentence, "I have to obey those in power". By doing this the forum thought that it would show even more clearly how helpless 'Ismene' was. The forum liked the way Tessa strode about but thought that certain parts could be better placed as sometimes Tessa ended up blocking Emily from view or turning her back to the audience while speaking. ...read more.


Emily emphasized the words in bold very clearly which sounded really good because all of those words showed how much of a low status 'Ismene' thought she had in life. This greatly contrasted with Tessa's determination and anger. All of Tessa's staging had improved so that she did not block Emily or have her back to the audience. This made her speech from lines 53-63 so much better because we, the forum, were able to really enjoy her facial expressions and what she was saying. Also, by adding little extra movements, such as turning the head back to acknowledge 'Ismene' gave the sisters have much more of a connection with each other. Overall, I felt that it was a much more enjoyable performance and the little details that the forum had suggested really contributed to this. ?? ?? ?? ?? D.C.B 23rd November 2005 ...read more.

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