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Change seen in "Away", "The Island' and Unicef

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Away Times are truly changing and this change has been exceptionally portrayed in Michael Gow's theatrical drama "Away". (Michael Gow, 1986, currency press PTY LTD) Away is a story of many different families and characters, which is one of the key reasons that will allow it to reach a broader audience for your show. Through out the play many diverse concepts are explored and they include the idea that new insight and perspective can cause change. Within the text Gow uses the physical notion of going away to represent a symbolic journey that the characters will undergo. This metaphorical journey is most evident in Gwen. Gwen is an Australian house wife who lived through the great depression; she is commonly seen as very materialistic, unsympathetic and overbearing which is often blamed on her overriding aim to keep her family out of hardship. Gow shows examples of these qualities in act one scene two were there is a use of short sentences and rhetorical questions. "There! Are they there? Can you see a set of keys? I can't. Can anyone see a set of keys? This has the effect of increasing tension and provides the audience with insight into the pre change nature of Gwen. ...read more.


This is very relevant to today's society making it a great option to consider. The book begins with an image of the naked man and the islanders. Within images on the first and second page there is a clear disproportion of the amount of framing that taken up by the foreigner and the natives. This use of framing exemplifies the power imbalance and it highlights the ability for the islanders to make constructive change. However it also illustrates the discomfort that may come with change. As the book progresses the natives are convinced to take the man in, however there true feelings prevail and the man is sent to goat pen where he must fend for himself. This isolation is seen in the characterisation of the islander's postures, one of the men has his back completely turned while others are in defensive stances. This depicts the complete rejection of change that is felt. As the book comes to a close, fear of the man begins to increase once again and this is shown in the hyperbole of the islanders when saying "we can't feed everybody, we would all starve". This fear then becomes the factor that prevents change and the catalyst. ...read more.


change was slightly different to the other texts and this concept was the idea that change can be a difficult and extensive process however it is extremely crucial to have. Within the Island this idea was evident as the islanders were not willing to undergo this process and therefore rejected change. Despite this concept relating to the island and UNICEF it is not as applicable to "away" as the means for change are very different. Within Away, the key trigger for the change is the new insight and the reflection of one's self, however this is a notion that is less relevant to the other text as there factors for change were more external. All in all, the mixture of these concepts provided a rich and engaging source of entertainment and knowledge for the viewers of times are changing. When making a comparison between there concept of change and the methods in which they were shown it is clear that they are interrelated .These concepts convey messages that are pertinent to a wide audience and they gave a unique way of looking at many of these pressing issues making them idealistic for a broadcasting station like SBS and in particular "times are changing". ?? ?? ?? ?? Edward Dababneh Miss Dimitriou ...read more.

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