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Compare and Contrast the Characters of Agamemnon and Jason. Which Do You Think is More Deserving of Their Fate?

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Compare and Contrast the Characters of Agamemnon and Jason. Which Do You Think is More Deserving of Their Fate? Both Agamemnon and Jason share intrinsic similarities in that they are both the tragic heroes of their plays: Aeschylus' 'Agamemnon' and Euripides' 'Medea' respectively. However, they do not share the same fate. Agamemnon is killed for what he has done, whereas those close to Jason emotionally and politically are killed to spite Jason. Both characters are detested by their wives, but for different reasons. Agamemnon has sacrificed his daughter and Jason has left his wife to marry entirely for personal gain. Agamemnon's motives were that he had to fulfil his oath to help the husband of Helen should she ever leave/be taken. His motives were better than Jason's, who left his wife for his own gain. Medea had two sons so he could not justify leaving her because of childlessness. However, Jason has not killed anyone, which Agamemnon has. Also, leaving a wife would not have been uncommon, and so it is not as significant as it would be had the events taken place today. Both characters thank the gods for their successes. When Agamemnon first arrives on stage he thanks the gods for his victory and safe return home. ...read more.


The sympathies of the chorus change in both plays. In Medea, the chorus of Corinthian women strongly supports Medea at the beginning of the play, sympathising with her. However, they begin to pity Jason and no longer support Medea when Medea says she is going to kill her own children to spite Jason. In Agamemnon, the chorus is made up of old men who are too old to fight in Troy. They, if grudgingly, admire Clytemnestra. They respect her plan with the beacons so she would know when Troy had fallen, saying after she told them it was her that it was "spoken like a man". However, they lose this respect when they find out that Clytemnestra has killed Agamemnon, their king who they admire for destroying Troy. Because of the action of Jason and Agamemnon, many innocent people are killed. In 'Agamemnon', Cassandra is killed by Clytemnestra, despite the fact that Cassandra is a captive and had nothing to do with the death of Iphigenia. In 'Medea', Glauce, Creon and Jason and Medea's sons are killed by Medea. These innocent victims in both plays are certainly not deserving of what happens to them. Because of what Jason and Agamemnon have done to hurt their wives, five people have been needlessly killed. ...read more.


make one of them sacrifice a daughter) and also as leader it may have been his responsibility to ensure the gods were appeased, and so it was no different here. Jason has apparently re-married to provide prosperity for his sons, himself and Medea. According to Medea it is only for personal gain and to maintain an even more famous name. Jason already has sons to pass his name on and also has a famous name for his achievements with the Argonauts. As we remember him for that it is obvious his marriage is more out of greed than for the motives he claims. Overall I believe Jason was more deserving of his fate. Agamemnon had not only sworn the oath but also had the responsibilities of being in charge of the Greek forces attacking Troy. The sacrifice of Iphigenia was practically unavoidable. Jason, however, re-marries for personal gain and greed. Despite his achievements on the Argo, he wants his name to be even more famous and also does not want it tarnished by being married to a foreigner. He already has sons and so his re-marriage can only be motivated by a want to move him into a higher social circle. In the end it turns out that his name was not tarnished by being married to a foreigner, but by what he did to that foreigner. Callum Davis ...read more.

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