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czech republic

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Czech Republic Area The Czech Republic is situated in the centre of Europe and sometimes it is called the heart of Europe. It has borders with Poland in the north, Germany in the west, Austria in the south and Slovakia. The Czech Republic covers an area of 78 864 square km. Countries The country comprises three historical lands - Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia. Bohemia - the western part, home of most of people and industry, and Moravia - the eastern part, more sparsely populated and agricultural, except around the city of Ostrava. Although usually included in Moravia, the area around Ostrava is actually a part of Silesia. Population The population of the Czech Republic is over 10,3 million inhabitants. The density is 131 people per 1 square km. A majority of the people live in Bohemia. The biggest city is the capital - Prague which has a population of 1,2 million people. Some other big cities in the Czech Republic are e.g. Brno, Ostrava, Olomouc, Plzen, Hradec Kr�lov� etc. The major nationalities living in Czech republic are Czech and Moravian, but there are also minority groups such as the Silesians, Romes, Poles, Germans, Ukrainians and Russians. ...read more.


It is a fairly wet country, except in the height of summer. Places of interest Besides Prague, which is in the centre of tourists' attention - we can find there a lot of historical sights representing all the architectural styles - there are many other interesting places which are worth visiting in the Czech Republic. Kutn� Hora is a nice historical town with a Gothic Cathedral of St. Barbora. Cesk� Krumlov in southern Bohemia as well as Telc or Slavonice in southern Moravia are towns where we can see fine examples of the Renaissance architecture. There are also many castles in our country, for example Karl�tejn - founded by the King Charles IV in 14th century, Hlubok�, Konopi�te, Krivokl�t and so on. In the west there are Karlovy Vary and Mari�nsk� L�zne - our well-known spas. The Krkono�e mountains are one of our national parks of the country. Here you can go for a hike on one of many marked paths. The mountains are lovely in every season of the year. Cesk� republika Oblast Cesk� republika je situovan� v centru Evropy a nekdy to je nazvan� srdce Evropy. To m� hranic� s Polskem na severu, Nemecko na z�pade, Rakousko na jihu a Slovensku. ...read more.


Cechy a Morava jsou docela bohat� na zr�dla a l�zne (Karlovy Vary, Mari�nsk� l�zne, Franti�kovy l�zne, Podebrady, Luhacovice, ...). Klima, pocas� Cesk� pocas� je m�rn� ale nepredv�dateln�. Klima obecne je m�rn�, ale Cesk� republika je um�sten� v teritoriu kde ruzn� pobre�n� a kontinent�ln� front�ln� syst�my bojuj� za nadvl�du v Stredn� Evrope, tak jeden nikdy je si jist co ocek�vat. To je docela mokr� zeme, s v�jimkou v��e l�ta. Pametihodnosti Krome Prahy, kter� je v centru turistick� pozornosti - my mu�eme naj�t tam hodne historick�ch pozoruhodnost� reprezentuj�c�ch cel�ch stavebn�ch stylu - jsme tam mnoho dal��ch zaj�mav�ch m�st kter� m� cenu nav�t�ven� v Cesk� republice. Kutn� Hora je hezk� historick� mesto s gotick� Cathedral ze St. Barbora. Cesk� Krumlov v ji�n�ch Cech�ch stejne jako Telc nebo Slavonice v ji�n� Morave jsou mesto kde my mu�eme videt pekn� pr�klady renesancn� architektury. Tam jsou tak� mnoho hradu u n�s, napr�klad Karl�tejn - zalo�en� kr�lem Charlesem IV v 14. stolet�, Hlubok�, Konopi�te, Krivokl�t a tak d�le. Na z�pade tam jsou Karlovy Vary a Mari�nsk� L�zne - na�e zn�m� l�zne. Krkono�e hory jsou jedny z na�ich n�rodn�ch parku zeme. Zde vy mu�ete j�t pro v�let na jeden z cetn�ch znacen�ch cest. Hory jsou mil� v ka�d�m obdob� roku. ...read more.

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