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Discuss the Greek concept of hero and Roman concept of hero with evidence from the Odyssey and the Aeneid.

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From the cultural views, there are some differences between the Greek and Roman concept of heroes: the Achaeans attach importance to individuality whereas the Romans to community. Unlike the Roman Empire which we know is a kingdom, in the ancient Greece-also called Hellas-there are no countries but only city states scattered around the Balkan Peninsula. In this sense, the Achaeans do not have the notion about collective consciousness or what "country" is, so they tend to possess individual will, and so do the heroes at that time. ...read more.


He mainly concerns if he can go back to Ithaca safely and how to regain his throne; that is, what he cares about is not really related to anyone else but is himself, his life, and his personal purposes. For instance, as a leader of his sailors, the hero Odysseus is proved to be the only survivor coming back to his Ithaca. ...read more.


Culturally, the Roman, or Virgilian ideology of heroes is distinctly different from that of the Greeks. The chief difference of their model heroism is that the Greek heroes symbolize individual will, glory, and feelings whereas the Roman heroes an ideal nationalistic ruler (Augustus, whom Virgil writes the Aeneid for) who with sacrifice, devotion, and duty for his people is regarded as a servant rather than the served. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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