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Egocentricity of Pechorin vs.Jason

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Ed Garstin Dr. Churchwurd English 10/1/03 Egocentricity of Pechorin vs. Jason In this essay I will compare the egocentricity of the characters of Pechorin from the Russian novel, A Hero of Our Time by Lermontov, and Jason from the Greek Tragedy Medea, written by Euripides. I have selected the topic of egocentricity or self-absorption for it is prevalent in both works in respect to Pechorin and Jason where they show little if any regard for anyone but themselves throughout the works. However the time differences and social and cultural conditions of the time and place the works were written must be taken into consideration. I feel that the theme of complete selfishness and the consequences that follow is strongest in respect to Jason and Pechorin and I will compare and provide evidence for such an argument in both works. I will start by analysing Jason's utterly selfish behaviour throughout the Ancient Greek play Medea, written by Euripides. Jason is a completely egocentric character but he doesn't have as much depth or complexity as Pechorin in A Hero of Our Time which is partly due to when this play was written in ancient Greece. ...read more.


He is blinded by his self-involvement, which is evidence of insecurity for living in your own world protects your from reality. Finally I feel that Jason's role in the play is more of a villain, which could be because the play is mainly Medea's view. A template of how not to get caught up in shallow insecurities, where as Pechorin in A Hero of Our Time is portrayed as more of a modern Hero where he has faults which make him easier to relate to and a much more believable character. Pechorin is also a portrayed with an immoral and selfish attitude in the Novel, A Hero of Our time. Yet Pechorin is given a lot more human characteristics and is described in much more detail with points probing on the physiological aspects even though it's just pre-Freud. It was written 2332 years after Medea from a different culture and is a much larger work therefore is bound to be different in style. Pechorin is definitely as selfish as Jason is, if not more so. He uses all his so-called romantic relationships to gain control and domination over the hearts of young women. ...read more.


Therefore I conclude that both Pechorin , A Hero of Our Time and Jason from Medea, are extremely egocentric characters who have many similarities. They are both completely selfish in the way they treat their partners and friends throughout the works. Both works seem to show us the short-term gains of leading an immoral life and the long-term losses. In Jason's case he loses everything including his children and social status. Pechorin ends up very similar without children or love for he has led a callus almost sadistic life for to long and ended up bitter and emotionless. They both seem to comment on how not to lead your life. However they also both contain differences. Lermontov's, A Hero of Our Time is a much more complex book. It seems to have hit on the underlying duality of man. Also the title is very ironic for he a template of an immoral character away from romanticism. Pechorin can also self-analyse and accept he has faults. The main difference is definitely the time and play and type of society it tool place in. Despite this both Lermontov and Euripides are trying to deliver the same message and outcome of leading a selfish and immoral life. ...read more.

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