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How would you stage the opening of the play and what would be your intended effect for an audience.

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How would you stage the opening of the play and what would be your intended effect for an audience. On stage to start off with I would have two big palace doors up stage, and that would be it. This tells the audience the location of this particular scene, and also tells the audience information about the characters, such as their background and that they come from a rich family and a posh family. It could also tell the audience that they are a royal family as they live in a palace. The set is basic but still communicates a range of ideas to the audience. The stage setting shows location of the two sisters and what kind of life they live. Having two palace doors behind them shows that they aren't poor or normal working class citizens but they are rich and a royal family. Working as a director I would have Antigone upstage right and Ismene up stage left, this shows to the audience straight away the relationship between these two characters, as Antigone is stage right and Ismene is stage left this shows disagreement and maybe a little bit of a conflict as they are not standing together showing friendship, but showing distance in their relationship. ...read more.


her line to open the scene, to show emotion and then she'd say the line sympathetically to gain Ismene's trust and try to persuade Ismene to come with her. Antigone would turn, look at Ismene and then say "Sister Ismene, dear sister Ismene" I'd have Antigone pause for a while after she says "Sister Ismene..." I'd have her pause begin to walk straight towards Ismene with her arms out to the side trying to attract her attention. I would have her pause because she is thinking and trying to see if Ismene will look at her; when Ismene doesn't, Antigone ends the pause and then walks over to catch her attention again, but Ismene for a second time would ignore her so then Antigone would say "...Dear sister Ismene" when she says this line she'd put her hand on Ismene's shoulder to show she cares, but really I think she is using reverse psychology. Ismene would then drop her shoulder so Antigone's hand falls off Ismene's shoulder, and then Ismene would turn away from Antigone even more and drop down a level in the way she is standing, so as a director I'd have Ismene arch her back a little and place her hands on her knees showing very low status towards Antigone's superior status. ...read more.


We know this line is exaggerated. She exaggerates this line to get Ismene attention and to inform Ismene that she is not messing around but in fact she is being serious. She would show this by moving into Ismene's space and challenging her, but as soon as Antigone thinks she has the upper hand, Ismene comes out with her last line and pushes Antigone away showing she has had enough and wants to know where she stands. She does this by pushing away Antigone's hand and projects her voice so it goes through Antigone and straight to the back of the audience. "What more can I do, or undo, to help you?" Ismene would say this starting off slow getting faster getting louder, invading Antigone's space and focusing on her face continuously walking into her space pushing Antigone backwards continuously. Throughout this scene it's all about not knowing what to do between each character and not knowing how the other feels, so these two characters are always going to be pushing for higher status and pushing for more space, so this is how I'd direct this particular scene. Luke Armitage 12SJW Centre No: 37121 Candidate No: 9160 - 1 - ...read more.

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