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In this essay, I will explore the ways in which women are portrayed in the play The Medea written by Euripides.

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Essay about how woman are portrayed from lines 1 to 356 In this essay, I will explore the ways in which women are portrayed in the play "The Medea" written by Euripides. The opening scene starts with a soliloquy with the Nurse by telling the audience of the things happening at present, we can see from the context of her soliloquy that she pities Medea and sympathizes with her and calling her "poor creature," but also fearing her because of what she is capable of. She condemns Jason for her betrayal to Medea by marrying another woman, the Nurse is querying why Medea fell in love with Jason and helped Jason in everyway. ...read more.


The appearance of the Tutor and the children changed the atmosphere into a less tense environment. In the conversation between the Nurse and him, on lines 85- 88 he tells her that every man is selfish and will give himself the benefit only. He gives a more cynical side of things, where sympathy here is lacked where on line 61 says, "poor fool" instead of what the Nurse said "poor creature" saying she is foolish to having gone so far on her deeds and the more technical side of things are exposed. ...read more.


betrayal of her own husband for love with another woman and accept her decision to take revenge on Jason and his wife. But also impacting with the negative side, she decides to murder her own children to prove that she loves Jason more than she loves her children and will try to do anything to harm Jason to take revenge on him. Medea is the central character of this play, she is portrayed, somewhat monstrous but this image is toned down by the Chorus and a victim of the betrayal of her husband. Euripides depicts Medea as a contradiction to the traditional Greek women in those times ...read more.

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